December 13

Yoga in Whangamata


Why yoga is better at the beach!

When you are on holiday – what is better than to start your morning with friends, sun, awesome movement and some sunshine? Really not much!

Build confidence, increase energy and awareness and get your daily dose of Vitamin D. 

It’s literally the perfect start to your day to keep your mind and body clear, focused, energetic, pain free and filled with joy.

So what are some cool things you can look forward to about yoga outdoors?

Besides fresh air, beautiful surroundings, feeling free, having tons of space, choosing your “spot” and feeling a sense of openness and non-judgement….

The top 4 benefits of yoga outside include:

  1. Nature. 

Nature connects us to ourselves and our roots. It grounds us in the present moment and there is an expansiveness of looking up to the sky and down to the ground. We can send roots down and feel the differences in texture and footing in the ground below. It allows us to breathe in deep and listen to the sounds around us. It connects us to a bigger picture, a big world and the expansiveness and energy that surrounds us. It also reminds us how small we actual are and that beauty and love are all around. It’s refreshing being in nature on the mat, there is no other way to describe it. 

2. Live longer and be healthier. 

Yoga outside at the Estuary in Whangamata also provides a few more amazing benefits – as “blue zones” explain. The Blue Zones are areas in the world that people live the longest. One of the traits of all of those people is that they move easily from their home to take part in activities and have a strong sense of community. I love how everyone comes in from their houses on bikes, walking the beach, from neighboring areas and joins together for their health. It’s easy to walk or ride in, come with friends and family. Epic!

3. Like Minded Outdoor Community.

For the past 10 years, we have created strong community of like-minded active outdoor yogis of every level that get together every day during the Christmas holidays to move, increase their health, play in nature, connect with each other and downshift. One of the main components of living a long health life besides movement and community, is knowing how to wind down, tune out and just be present. There are many days that we have 3 generations of yogis!  Family time is extremely important and your daily dose of yoga outdoors is perfect time to share together during the holidays. 

4. Natural Music.

Another awesome reason to come to yoga outdoors in Whanga is the view. I really don’t have to say any more about that if you have been there. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to practice, right on the green way next to the estuary and the ocean, bird song, waves crashing, leaves rustling – our own music outdoors. 

Join us this year for a month of yoga and see where your journey takes you. New friends, new community, new outlook, fresh perspective, respect for nature, presence, peace and gratitude for such a beautiful place to practice in. I am so excited you are here – sending love.

XO Christina


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