Mobile Massage


Text for an appointment time. Available on site in Tairua. 


Sessions for everyone...

Qualified and experienced in therapeutic, sports, relaxation and aromatherapy massage, Christina offers a tailored massage to meet your specific needs.

Christina’s sets herself apart with her full wellbeing programs that provide the most benefit out of the session incorporating doTERRA essential oils, sound healing, reiki and color therapy. 

She also has a comprehensive view of the body, being an athlete and yoga teacher, she is always inspired to get to the core of the issue. She uses a variety of energy techniques, stretches and pressures to create an overall sense of balance and comfort.

Her new program pinpoints what personal sound frequencies you need and plays them during a reiki and aromatherapy (deep tissue or relaxation) massage. This "flow" session will leave you with a relaxed and balanced nervous system and the benefits will be felt throughout the coming weeks.          75 min $250 


Reiki is energy work and treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.  

In this portion of the treatment, hands are placed on the body with light touch. This can accelerate the body’s natural, innate and internal healing response. People report feeling deeply supported, relaxed, more balanced and connected with a peaceful loving energy.

Sound Therapy

Using new technology and a simple recording of your voice, we can decipher what you need to bring your mind/brain, body/organs, and spirit back into balance. Inputing these frequencies to create your own personal "music"  - we play this during your session to create a new found sense of homeostasis in your system.

You may also do a full hour session on it's own or in addition to your massage. It's a powerhouse of a session for all aspects of your body, mind and soul.

$150/hour for sound session and consultation

** most popular add on**


Serenity, deep blue, on guard, wild orange, white fir or lavender – what does your body need? The benefits of using an essential oil with massage are unbelievable.

Knots loosen, immunity is enhanced, joint pain relieved, plus you'll sleep like a baby.

What to expect...

  • Increased flexibility and local circulation. 
  • Release deep and superficial tension of muscles and facia. 
  • Detoxify the body and increase immunity. 
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improved breathing, posture and balance. 
  • Help chronic joint problems. Therapeutic pain relief.  


To book in for a session (or block of sessions) either call, or text on the number below:

1hr Massage


"FLOW" session including sound, oils, reiki and massage. 

$250 for 75 min

Add ons: 

Sound Healing (15 min)


Reiki (15 min) 


Essential Oils


Meet Christina McGrath

For the last 20 years, Christina has built on her knowledge in all aspects of the wellness field. And it's this unique skill-set that has seen Christina run retreats, events and workshops all over the world. 

She has been providing massage and energy work around the world since 2011. 

Christina is now considered an elite specialist in the wellness arena - specializing in yoga, nutrition and sports massage. She is now sharing her passion for sound, color and art in her popular "flow" sessions. Combining energy, personal sound frequencies, essential oils and intuitive massage she can help balance your mind and body in a short amount of time. 

And it's this unique skillset that has seen Christina run retreats, events and workshops all around the world.

Her work has impacted the lives of countless people, not just through her 1-on-1 in person work, but also via her online community where she's managed to spread her work to a global audience.

Thankfully, Christina now calls New Zealand home and is gifting us the opportunity to work with her in person. Yay!

Christina Mcgrath Yoga