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"Dive into the Oceanic Dreams: An Exhibition of Soulful Abundance" 

Step into a vibrant world of color and creativity as visionary artist Christina unveils her captivating abstract resin art. Experience the immersive power of the ocean through mesmerizing compositions that evoke feelings of connection, wonder, and optimal wellbeing. Let the rich blues, greens, sands, and whites transport you to serene beachside landscapes, powerful crashing waves, and enchanting underwater realms. Immerse yourself in this exhibition, where dreams are realized, hearts are inspired, and a deep love for the ocean comes alive.

Mercury Bay Art Escape March 2-3 and 9-10, 2024 

Workshops, Exhibition, and Flow Yoga to be announced 

++++++ OPEN HOUSE on 256 PAKU Saturday November 25, 2-4 pm +++++

New work unveiled!!!! 

"It’s more than an experience, it’s a way of life. It’s defining a new or renewed relationship with yourself through connection, art and love of the ocean".

Christina McGrath

Surfer, teacher, facilitator, educator, lover of nature, protector of the environment.

Christina McGrath is a resin and fluid acrylic surf and ocean artist.  She adores surfing and the powerful elements that sea offers. Her work encompasses the artistic and fluid elements of wave formations and shoreline expressions. There is a soulful element in every piece and you can feel and sense the water in her powerful pieces. 

She lets the flow on the canvas determine the shapes and richness of the sea thus creating a uniqueness in every piece. The work depicts power and peace, adventure and curiosity with an underlying pure love of the ocean. Rich and pure colors shining with resin, polished shades of blues and naturals stand out on her recycled surf boards, wooden tables, big and small rounds and all sizes of framed and natural canvases. 

“Power in the flow” and working in the flow state she calls it.