Friday October 20, 2023 ~ 9-2 pm

Love the ocean.

Connect, experience and find inspiration. 

The one-day FLOW retreat is all about connecting with the ocean, harnessing your creativity and your nurturing your personal wellbeing.

During the day, I'll be guiding you to cultivate a new love and appreciation for the ocean through yoga, amazing nutritious foods, barefoot beach walking, meditation and artistic expression.

Get ready to nourish, flow, enjoy nature and paint your heart out. 

We'll start with an invigorating yoga flow session in the morning to connect more deeply with your inner self, followed by a healthy snack to fuel us through an outdoor beach adventure where we will explore meditation, sound/color healing techniques, visualization as well as learn about the intricacies of the tides and swell.

From there, we'll indulge in the second yoga/movement session specifically designed to get you into a creative flow state.

Finally, after a colourful, nutritious, and mindful lunch we shift gears connecting with your artistic mind to create your masterpiece! Get ready to surprise yourself and be inspired.  

Leave feeling complete, nourished and rejuvenated! 

It’s more than an experience, it’s a way of life. It’s defining a new or renewed relationship with yourself through knowledge, experience and expression with the ocean.

The Three Pillars of the SFL Creative Flow Retreats [SEA]


Ocean Sustainability

How do we save the ocean. Learn about waves, habitat, ecosystems, marine life and what our choices have on these natural elements.


Ocean Experience

Flow Yoga, Meditation, Mantras and Affirmations.  

Beach walk and yoga by the sea. 


Ocean Art

Paint, Clay, Sand, Collage, Driftwood, Shells, Write, Sing, Play, Journal, Pastels, Dance, Mandalas.



There is power that comes with knowing the science of the ocean and how it moves, breathes and communicates.

From wave production, local habitat, understanding different ecosystems of plants, animals, mammals, and fish - we will cover one of the major components of ocean dynamics or ecosystems that will help us create a sustainable relationship with the ocean and how we impact it.

We will also cover sound choices we can make daily to positively save and charge the ocean and its inhabitants. 


YOGA - With our yoga practice, we will explore the fluidity in our own body. With warming up our joints and increasing circulation, we will start to enhance our strength, mindfulness, breath and connection to self and nature.

In addition, we will explore poses throughout the day to connect, rebalance and enhance creativity and flow states. 

MEDITATION – Using our senses, we will connect with nature in every way. Sounds, colours, and visualizations are only a few of the highlights our many ocean meditations to get you into the zone of Zen.  

EXPERIENCE – During the winter months June – August we will embarking on a beach walk as our ocean experience.

Being near the ocean creates a connection and a charge of negative ions which speed up your ability to absorb oxygen and can help balance your serotonin levels, which leave you happy.

The beach walk will also help you ground, and feel relaxed which increases your innovation and creativity levels. Not to mention that we will be creating a ritual around our ocean experience to enhance our connection with self and nature. 


We'll be diving deep into your own expression and get out of our heads and into a creative flow.

Using paints, pastels, and other supplies we will create a piece of art that embodies and expresses what we have experienced during the day and is a piece of ourselves.

It’s a flowing time of creativity and expression that will leave you feeling free and connected to something more than yourself. 

This inspirational day elps you to create a bond with the ocean, a stronger connection to the reflection of yourself, and a flow state to unleash your own creativity. 

Meet  your instructor


With a strong passion for surfing, snowboarding, biking, climbing, and running - Christina dove into what it means to optimize your health and create peak performance in all aspects of life. 

Christina is now considered an elite specialist in the wellness arena - specializing in energy medicine, Yoga, nutrition and sports massage.

And it's this unique skillset that has seen Christina hosting Flow retreats in Bali, Costa Rica, Ibiza, Colorado, NZ and Australia. 

Her work has positively impacted the lives of countless people, not just through her 1-on-1 in person work, but also via her online community where she's managed to spread her work to a global audience.

Recently, she has mastered her artistic side holding exhibitions in NZ with her art showcased in beautiful homes around the world. 

Christina Mcgrath Yoga


Retreat starting October 20, 2023


You missed out!

Location: Tairua

Price: $275 (lunch and art supplies included)

Contact me to direct deposit. Christina@swellfitliving.com or 021.293.5688