Love the ocean. Connect, experience and protect its future.

The Oceans Project is an initiative... 

Cultivating a new love and appreciation for the ocean, with a focus on ocean wellness.

Through a series of specifically crafted events, programs and workshops - encompassing ocean science, adventure and a deep connection with our oceans, using art as the creative expression uniting it all - the Oceans Project is here to help you connect, love, create and express.

"It’s more than an experience, it’s a way of life. It’s defining a new or renewed relationship with yourself through knowledge, experience and expression with the ocean".

The Three Pillars of the Oceans Project [SEA]


Ocean Sustainability

Covering one of our key learnings: Waves, Habitat, Ecosystems, Plants, Animals, Mammals, Fish, Weather – and impacts our choices have on any and all of these components


Ocean Experience

Flow Yoga and Meditation – Mantra and Affirmation  

Surf, kayak, sup, swim, beach walk, boat, dolphin tour


Ocean Art

Paint, Clay, Sand, Collage, Driftwood, Shells, Write, Sing, Play, Journal, Pastels, Dance, Mandalas

Inspirational Retreats, Creativity Workshops, Art Exhibits and Educational Speakers

We educate, inspire, and help you unleash your own creative expression to create a deeper connection to yourself and the ocean. 

Ground Swell ~ Fluid Movement ~ Flow State ~ Oneness ~ Creativity

What to expect: 


There is power that comes with knowing the science of the ocean and how it moves, breathes and communicates.

From wave production, local habitat, understanding different ecosystems of plants, animals, mammals, and fish - we will cover one of the major components of ocean dynamics or ecosystems that will help us create a sustainable relationship with the ocean and how we impact it.

We will also cover sound choices we can make daily to positively save and charge the ocean and its inhabitants. 


YOGA - With our yoga practice, we will explore the fluidity in our own body. With warming up our joints and increasing circulation, we will start to enhance our strength, mindfulness, breath and connection to self and nature. In addition, we will explore poses throughout the day to connect, rebalance and enhance creativity and flow states. 

MEDITATION – Using our senses, we will connect with nature in every way. Sounds, colors, and visualizations are only a few of the highlights our many ocean meditations to get you into the zone of Zen.  

EXPERIENCE – During the winter months June – August we will embarking on a beach walk as our ocean experience. Being near the ocean creates a connection and a charge of negative ions which speed up your ability to absorb oxygen and can help balance your serotonin levels, which leave you happy. The beach walk will also help you ground, and feel relaxed which increases your innovation and creativity levels. Not to mention that we will be creating a ritual around our ocean experience to enhance our connection with self and nature. 



It’s personal. We will be diving deep into your own expression and get out of our heads and into a creative flow.

Using paints, pastels, and other supplies we will create a piece of art that embodies and expresses what we have experienced during the day and is a piece of ourselves.

It’s a flowing time of creativity and expression that will leave you feeling free and connected to something more than yourself. 


"This Oceans Project inspirational day helps you to create a bond with the ocean, a stronger connection to the reflection of yourself, and a flow state to unleash your own creativity".

About your teacher...

Christina McGrath

Surfer, teacher, facilitator, educator, lover of nature, protector of the environment.

Christina has had a lot of experience in the environmental field, from being a Board Member of the Summit Recycling Group to Executive Director of a Watershed Group. She also worked in Environmental Education and headed a major wetlands restoration project speaking about it at conferences around Colorado.

She has been passionate about the state of the oceans and water quality her whole life, starting with rowing at university. She wants to continue this quest with you and dive into the Oceans Project to protect the future her favourite playgrounds in NZ and beyond.

With more connection and knowledge there comes a passion to protect and preserve.