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Nutritional Coaching with Christina McGrath

Do you ever feel like you are searching for more balance in your life or in need of a reboot?

Are you missing that real oomph that gets you hopping out of bed each morning with a spring in your step, feeling full of health and vitality?

Or maybe you've tried all the “right” things but nothing seems to change.  You still feel the same - in need of a full soul-recharge!

Does It feel like your mind and body are out of alignment, and moving ever further apart?

You see, if your body isn’t working optimally then neither is your brain – stressors can get the better of you, leading to chronic issues and inflammation – which are very hard to recover from.

If any of the above sounds familiar then you're most certainly not alone.

In fact, this is the unfortunate truth for most people.

Drifting through life chugging-along at 60% or maybe just feel like you could do more? 

And just like a car, when you put the wrong type of fuel in the human body, you get the same results....

Tired, lethargic, brain-fog, overweight, body pains, skin and digestive issues… the list goes on.

And to tell you the truth, much of it may be the result of your nutrition and diet, but also the hidden killer of negative stressors that sneak under the radar undetected too.

This is the story for so many people, but it doesn't have to be you.

Back in 2008, when I had what I now know was massive inflammation – horrible breakouts, mood swings, IBS, and my small intestine was operating at just 40%.

I was burning the candle at both ends - working in snowboarding, running marathons, operating at full speed and eating the wrong things for my body.

Something massive had to change, and from that moment on I made the decision to take control and start to balance my lifestyle, clear my skin and improve my digestive issues once and for all.

I became devoted to understanding my body and had developed an improved healthier version of myself.  I could feel my body, skin and mind were better today than they were years ago, hands down.

I changed my diet and my lifestyle, and I changed my life.

And this crazy run of events coupled with my background in psychology, my love of teaching sports, my years as an athlete, and my drive to do the sports I love forever - inspired me to become a health coach, so I could teach others how to do the same.

Fast forward 13 years and I've helped literally hundreds of people, on the brink of burnout, with skin issues and digestive problems take control of their diet and lifestyle to create the fittest, strongest and healthiest version of themselves.

It’s been an epic ride.

I’ve even helped people come back from injuries 3 months ahead of schedule, lose weight without any cravings, increase muscle and lose fat, get rid of pain, overcome skin problems, heal from chronic digestive issues, ease migraines, get faster for athletic events, and increase brain power and focus.

The results have been incredible...

And maybe I could help you too.

Up until now I've only been able to offer this nutritional coaching service in person, but due to a few technological advances I'm now able to offer this service remotely which I'm super excited about.


AMPLIFY HEALTH: A Nutritional Coaching service for Optimal Health 

with Christina McGrath

Work with Christina to find out where your nutritional weak-points are, uncover any hidden blind-spots that are holding you back, and get a crystal clear step by step action plan to maintaining a body of peak performance, helping you to keep doing the activities you love, long into the future!

Stay at your best, for longer.

Live your best life.

Keep injuries at bay. 

  • Stay at your best - for longer!
  • Be at the cause of your movement and health - rather than the effect.
  • Keep injuries at bay.
  • Live your best life - day in, day out.

Plus... You get over $1000+ worth of Bonuses 

THE PERFECT 5 - Wake up with Yoga!

Is you're body not what it once was? 

Do you want to keep leading the active lifestyle you love long into the future? And get rid of pain and increase mobility?

Of course you do, and that's what this digital online program is all about!

The Perfect 5 is a daily ritual that strengthens and stretches your body, helping to restore balance to overused and underused muscles.

This program (just 30 minutes a day) is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily work life, helping you to feel a positive difference in your mind and body, every day!

Normally $197  Yours FREE!

*Plus for a limited time only - Get a bonus add-on to your order: Yoga for Runners | Bikers | Snowboarders (if you're undecided the Yoga for Runners is the probably the best option).

  • Add flexibility to overused muscles groups.
  • Rebuild (and maintain) muscle strength long into the future.
  • Only takes 30 Minutes each day.
  • Brings more balance into your life.
  • A daily ritual to start each day - the right way!
  • Available online, anywhere, on any device

3-DAY DETOX PLAN - Get back to your best, fast!

Over fifteen years of nutritional study has helped me to build the perfect 3-Day Detox.

Specifically designed to remove toxins, cleanse the liver, and line the gut.

An easy to follow plan that will have you feeling fresher, and more vitalised than ever before!

Normally $67  Yours FREE!

  • Simple step-by-step 3-day process.
  • Remove unwanted toxins from the body.
  • Feel fresher and more vibrant.
  • Structured meal plans and recipes.
  • Easy to implement in busy everyday life.
  • Improved gut health.

EXPERT SUPPORT - I'll be here to help every step of the way.

My goal for you is to get back to your best health - and stay there.  

So that's why I'm making myself available - giving you direct access to me - throughout every step of this journey together. 

You can contact me anytime, with any questions and I'll be there to help.

I'm committed to seeing you at your best!

Normally $800  Yours FREE!

*Only available with the Platinum package.


Step 1.

Choose your package and complete the payment process.

Step 2.

I'll be in touch shortly after with an email to confirm a time for our initial discovery session.

Step 3.

Together we'll go through the Amplify Health process and get you operating at your peak. Simples.


“Christina took the time to listen and understand what my goals were and gave me insight into what was keeping me from reaching these goals. It was incredible how she transformed how I think about myself, approach wellness, and with her loving smile encouraged me each and every day.”


Breckenridge, Colorado

“Over the summer break I had the opportunity to work with Christina on my health, well-being and eating habits. I love food but had fallen off the wagon somewhat. A death of a dear loved one and early onset of menopause had certainly kicked my healthy habits and motivation to the curb.

I was thrilled with the way Christina tailored a plan to my busy travel schedule and helped me to better understand the small things I could do to eat well, stay focused and active.
A combination of healthy habits, yoga and yummy food is what we achieved. Christina spent time with me helping me to understand my goals and what might prevent me from achieving these. She identified foods that are best suited for me. When I am traveling I have great go-to meals to fall back on, as well as daily habits that not only keep me well but make me feel good. I wouldn’t have achieved this on my own. Christina is realistic, knowledgeable and incredibly personable. ”


Whangamata, NZ

“Yoga is such an incredible way to find balance and sustainable strength and flexibility. Christina’s methods for yoga specific to snow sports are effective at every level - from the instructor, to high end athletes, weekend guests and everything in between. I am very proud and excited to see her program in action and the great results associated with it!”

Ronnie Barr

Snowboard Trainer Examiner/CETT


Christina McGrath

After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in psychology, Christina set out to build on her knowledge and dove right into the wellness field.

Years later, and Christina is now considered an elite specialist in the wellness arena - specialising in Yoga, nutrition and sports massage.

And it's this unique skillset that has seen Christina head-hunted to teach at retreats all around the world.

Her work has impacted the lives of countless people, not just through her 1-on-1 in person work, but also via her online community where she's managed to spread her work to a global audience.

Thankfully, Christina now calls New Zealand home and is gifting us the opportunity to work with her in person. Yay!



As you get older the risk of burn-out increases.  Not because you're pushing too hard necessarily, instead it's because of the years of repetitive workload on your body.

The risk of burn-out with age is real, and Amplify Health will make sure you avoid it!

Bad Skin

Bad skin is often the result of dietary problems.

Either your body reacting to the foods it's consuming, or it's not getting the nourishment it needs.

Amplify Health will uncover and eliminate the foods your body/skin is reacting too, and replace them with the fuel your body really needs.

Joint Pain

With age we lose the lubrication within our joints which leads to joint pain.  

And what starts as joint pain can morph into full-blown debilitating injuries stopping you from doing the activities you love.

The Amplify Health program will address your diet in detail & introduce the foods you need to keep joint pain at bay.

Digestive Issues

The wrong diet can lead to a number of different digestive issues: IBS, GERD, PUD, IBD... The list goes on.

Oftentimes these digestive issues can be completely fixed by eliminating certain food groups, and introducing others.

Amplify Health will uncover the food types that are causing your digestive issues, and create a nutrition roadmap for you into the future.

Stealth Weight Gain

It happens without you even knowing, but it happens nonetheless.

The dreaded mid-life weight gain sneaks under the radar undetected!

The diet your metabolism could once handle, now translates to 'love-handles', and shifting this weight becomes harder and harder.

With Amplify Health you'll get the support you need, plus professional guidance to kick this stealth weight gain to the curb.

Amplify Health is not for you if...

If you're looking for a quick-fix 'Magic Pill' solution then this is not for you.

Going through the Amplify Health process takes work on your part.

If you're expecting results instantly then you are going to be sorely disappointed, and this is definitely not for you.

The Amplify Health process takes time to implement and is not a short term fix. Instead it's a long-term strategy to keep you at peak performance long into the future.

Going through this process involves big changes to your dietary and exercise habits.

If you're not prepared to embrace change then Amplify Health is not for you.

Choose from any of the Nutrition Coaching packages below & Get ALL of the Bonuses added to your order totally FREE! 

*Special offer closes midnight January 17th 2021










$ 250

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Duration: 75Mins

  • Complete health history breakdown
  • Current eating analysis
  • Daily habit overhaul
  • Diet goal setting
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Essential oil test & recommendations



$ 444

The Goal-Setter

Duration: 2 Weeks

Ideal for: Weight loss, Digestive and Skin Health, Injury Recovery, Increased Fitness, Alleviate Personal Stress or Achieve Balance. 

  • 75 Minute initial consultation 
  • Follow-up 30 Minute check in call
  • Complete health history breakdown
  • Current eating analysis
  • Daily habit overhaul
  • Diet goal setting
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Essential oil test & recommendations

$ 750

The Optimal You

Duration: 4 Weeks

The Optimal Diet for redefining your habits and your nutrition plan for optimal fitness, weight, skin and digestive health.

  • In-depth food log
  • Bespoke accountability schedule
  • x3 Accountability coaching sessions
  • 75 Minute initial consultation 
  • Follow-up 30 Minute check in call
  • Complete health history breakdown
  • Current eating analysis
  • Daily habit overhaul
  • Diet goal setting
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Essential oil test & recommendations

Incase you're  wondering...


Of course.  Just let me know what plan you'd like to upgrade your plan too, and just pay the difference.

how do I access the bonus content?

Once you've completed the checkout process, you'll be given access details to all the extra free content.

do I still get the bonuses if i purchase after january 17th?

Unfortunately not :(

The free bonuses are a limited time offer I'm afraid.

do i need to meet you in person?

No, not at all.  

The entirety of the service can be carried out remotely, wherever you are in the world.