Coaching program

The 1 Month Level UP

Maximize your Potential in Life

Helping athletes harness the power of their mind, body and soul.

Ready to  relieve stress, enhance focus, let go of emotional programs, encourage healing, increase strength/power and create flow?

I'll share my mind and body methods to keep you in your flow state in life and sport.

Fit for life. 

"It’s more than an experience, it’s a way of life. It’s defining a new or renewed relationship with yourself through knowledge, experience and expression."

The Three Pillars of the FLOW


Clear it. 

No need to go back and relive it, where do you want to go? Let's approach it with a full brain approach and reduce stress. 


Strengthen it. 

Offering Yoga for athletes, sports massage and nutrition hacks for optimum health. Can be added on to in person sessions or consultations online. 


Build it.

You're already perfect. Let's make sure nothing is stopping you. 


Weekly 90 minute online or in person sessions

Daily connection and check in

Action Plan and Accountability


What to expect


  • Transform subconscious blocks that could be hindering your progress
  • Heal faster
  • Reduce inflammation to recover faster 
  • Increase mental capacity and clarity 
  • Optimize competition mindset 
  • Access flow state 
  • Amplify strength and stamina 
  • Identify any beliefs or blocks to unleash your greatest potential in life, sport, career and relationships
  • Subconscious mind transformation
  • Utilize a whole brain approach to achieve your greatest flow state 
  • Increase range of movement and build strength, mobility, strength and agility 


  • “Master Switch” your system to your optimal level 
  • Utilize energy psychology to align your mind and body 
  • Personalized Sound Healing 
  • Sports Specific Yoga 
  • Personal Nutrition Hacks

Being more than doing. 

It’s personal - I'll listen as much as you like but it's not as much looking back but being present being clear on where you want to go.  

Together we will dive into my bag of tricks and magic accumulated of over 20 years of being an athlete and studying how to achieve a balanced, strong and optimized life. 

You ready? This is my PASSION and I want to help you achieve yours. 

"This program helps you to create a stronger connection to yourself, and a flow state to unleash your own potential".

If you're interested...

Christina McGrath

Psychology Degree, Outdoor Leadership Diploma, Certified Yoga Instructor 2008, Health Coach, Sports Massage Therapist

My life revolves around my sports.

With a strong passion for surfing, snowboarding, biking, climbing, and running - Christina dove into what it means to optimize your health and create peak performance in all aspects of life. 

Christina is now considered an elite specialist in the wellness arena - specializing in energy medicine, Yoga, nutrition and sports massage.

And it's this unique skillset that has seen Christina hosting Flow retreats in Bali, Costa Rica, Ibiza, Colorado, NZ and Australia. 

Her work has positively impacted the lives of countless people, not just through her 1-on-1 in person work, but also via her online community where she's managed to spread her work to a global audience.