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Would you like to take control of your health and wellbeing?

By teaching you powerful habits, helping you determine a personalized anti-inflammatory nutrition plan and providing yoga guidance, I can help you create a balanced lifestyle full of vitality.

About the Founder

Christina - Founder

Hey, I'm Christina.

I love outdoor sports - an addiction I'm proud to have.

My background has involved teaching different sports - from snowboarding and mountain biking to rock climbing. It was my passion for the outdoors that also drew me toward environmental work in wetland restoration, education and outreach for a number of years.

Since 2008, I have immersed myself in the wellness field. I have traveled the world specializing in yoga, nutrition, sports massage and global adventures. In addition my degree in psychology, has been essential in helping me develop corporate wellbeing programs, online courses, 1-1 coaching and retreats to help busy professionals, recreational athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle.

In addition, I absolutely love surfing and the ocean, and it’s these passions that led to naming my company Swell.

I have a strong drive not only to transform your wellbeing, but also to create an impact that will protect our oceans and save the “playgrounds” we love.

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