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Christina McGrath

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Meet Christina, a visionary artist who seamlessly blends art and wellbeing to create transformative experiences. Through her abstract resin art, she unlocks the depths of the ocean, inviting viewers on a soulful journey of connection and creativity.

Perched atop Mt Paku in Taiura, NZ, Christina draws inspiration from the raw energy and serene beauty of her surroundings. With a keen eye for aerial perspectives and underwater dreams, she captures crashing waves and tranquil landscapes, infusing each stroke with wonder and reverence.

Guided by intuition and a meditative approach, Christina's artistic process mirrors her profound connection to the water's energy. Merging colors in a captivating dance, her resin compositions embody the fluidity of the ocean and the ever-changing tides.

Beyond her art, Christina is dedicated to personal wellbeing and peak performance. With a passion for the ocean and various sports, she explores energy medicine, Yoga, nutrition, and sports massage. As an elite specialist in wellness, she seamlessly integrates her artistic endeavors with holistic expertise.

Through transformative personalized coaching, Christina empowers individuals to unlock their full potential. With her FLOW retreats worldwide, she inspires peace, adventure, curiosity, and a profound love for the ocean in all she encounters.

Christina's mastery has come to life in captivating exhibitions, adorning homes worldwide. By intertwining art and wellbeing, she creates transformative experiences, awakening imagination and leaving a positive impact on those who engage with her creations.


Christina helped me with nutrition as I was struggling with rashes and histamine levels. As an ex-bodybuilder, this was simple and easy.  I felt full all day long and had the best energy levels in years. My skin and system settled down and there was also the massive bonus of losing a few kilos. I will be forever grateful!

Debbie Lim  // Wellness + Art

Christina is a vibrant, generous & knowledgeable teacher.

She always creates an engaging experience that pulls in all the threads of her various passions; yoga, sport, nutrition, art & spirituality.

She walks the talk & I always leave her offerings feeling refreshed & inspired. 

Kate Martin

Summer yoga with Christina a few years ago reignited my practice.

The combination of an idyllic setting, adaptable classes and Christina’s friendly manner has made Yoga at the Estuary a priority in my calendar. It’s an opportunity to reset after a busy year.

Namaste Christina.