Peppermint bliss balls, peppermint homemade chocolates, cilantro, basil and lime salsa and macadamia nut pesto made with basil, black pepper and lime essential oil were featured treats at Florence’s Food store and cafe on Friday afternoon. It was a cosy, happy, beautiful venue to chat with locals and visitors over coffee and some free treats.  Excitedly, I shared my passion on cooking, baking and mixing with essential oils.  My favourites to use: peppermint for fresh breath, increased energy and improved digestion, and lemon and lime in just about anything summery – salsa, pesto, shortbread cookies, Corona?  I received great comments from everyone, and was often given the complement that I was creative and they would have never guessed that you could spice and flavour foods with such ease and be so delicious! Yep, recipes will be loaded soon!!!!

Interested in recipes or buying essential oils, please contact me today or click on my doTERRA link now to buy!

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Christina McGrath is the visionary of Swell Fit Living, and has been an advocate of fitness and outdoor sports all of her adult life. If you want to live pain free, be full of energy, and look young, fit and healthy her NEXT LEVEL Vitality Programs and Nourish Retreats are for you. She incorporates all natural aspects including yoga, massage, essential oils, healthy foods and play into her life and all her programs. You can find her traveling from the US, Bali, NZ to Costa Rica snowboarding, surfing, running or riding her bike delivering her bliss balls and love.