Are you ready to up level your health, energy, and be the best version of yourself possible?

  • Are you burning the candle at both ends and needing to rebalance your life?
  • Are you are fed up with not taking care of yourself to the extent you know you can?
  • Are you are frustrated with not being able to shift your weight or get rid of unwanted inflammation?
  • Are you traveling for business and struggling to be healthy?
  • Do you have too much info and you are tired of wasting time not seeing results?

Why Christina gets results:

"Believe me I know what you are going through, I work with clients just like you. I have been there and have been coaching people to wade through the info to uncover and build happiness and strength in their body and mind. I help clients with a personalised approach that is only perfect for them and it works. They feel supported and accountable. I'm not into wasting time, I want you to have a simple program that will work and that is accurate and evolutionary. I have struggled with digestive and skin issues and I have studied, learned and experimented with different foods, fitness and stress relief options.

As an athlete, I am extremely conscious with what I put in my system and my stressors -  I think of food and movement as fuel. I have learned that’s it’s not about a certain “diet” or plan, but about how to change to an overall sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I can help you reach your goals by sharing my knowledge, incorporating small changes, and keeping you accountable and feeling supported all throughout your program." 


"I enlisted Christina in the summer of 2015. My goal was to lose weight and improve my overall wellness. While by most standards I was already was in great shape and healthy - I desired to take my game up a few notches with many attempts at this on my own without success.

I was skeptical in general that anyone could really help me meet my goals. I had worked with several individuals that collected their fees and didn’t seem to be able to really make a difference in my goals. Christina was utterly fantastic!

She took the time to listen and understand what my goals were and give insight into what was keeping me from reaching these goals. It was incredible how she transformed how I think about myself, approach wellness, and with her loving smile encouraged me each and every day."

- Patricia, Breckenridge,Co

The Reboot Program

Together we co-create a personalized program for you, complete with accountability schedule, achievable goals, and milestones to take you to the fittest and healthiest you have ever been.

No joke.

Are you ready?

It’s time. Take my hand.

The Reboot Program Highlights 

  1. Questions and Answers
  2. Wellness Analysis
  3. Nutrition Screening
  4. Sports and Recovery

Wellness Analysis 

An in depth look at your lifestyle, habits and recovery patterns in order to formulate a new and improved system to achieve optimum health and fitness goals.

Nutrition Screening

A personalised anti-inflammatory food profile, analysis of a food log, and a follow-up consultation to tweak and solidify your "perfect nutrition" plan.

$700 Inclusive of 2 Consultations, Guided Action Plan, Food Log Assessment and Personal Accountability Program - 3 weeks

Sports and Recovery 

Understanding the difference between fitness and healthy living, then creating a plan to optimise your workouts, sports and yoga to achieve your goals.