WELL Health coaching is for you if....

  • You are frustrated with not being able to shift your weight
  • You are fed up with not taking care of yourself
  • You are ready to make a change once and for all 
  • You want knowledge in order to create "your" diet that fits your needs perfectly 
  • You may have allergies that could be holding you back and causing you pain and restlessness

Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, through my WELL I coach clients to create an effective program to reach performance goals, reduce stressors and curb cravings.

Why WELL gets results:

"I have struggled with digestive and skin issues most of my adult life, and I have tried just about every way of eating. As an athlete, I am extremely conscious with what I put in my system - I think of food as fuel. In addition, it has to taste great, give me the energy I need, and be easy on my digestive system. I have learned that’s it’s not about a certain “diet”, but about how to change to a super healthy way of eating for life. I can help you reach your goals, increase your strength, have more energy – by sharing my knowledge and incorporating small changes that make a HUGE difference."

Could one conversation change your life? Schedule a WELL consult today, it's worth it.


"I enlisted Christina in the summer of 2015. My goal was to lose weight and improve my overall wellness. While by most standards I was already was in great shape and healthy - I desired to take my game up a few notches with many attempts at this on my own without success.

I was skeptical in general that anyone could really help me meet my goals. I had worked with several individuals that collected their fees and didn’t seem to be able to really make a difference in my goals. Christina was utterly fantastic!

She took the time to listen and understand what my goals were and give insight into what was keeping me from reaching these goals. It was incredible how she transformed how I think about myself, approach wellness, and with her loving smile encourage me each and every day."

- Patricia, Breckenridge,Co


1. DETOX - 14 Day Program
This 14-day clean and lean online program is complete with recipes, an action plan and daily emails. I’m always here for support or to answer any questions via email that you have. This is for you if you need a healthy re-boot, some accountability but you are comfortable that you can get the job done with a complete online program.
Investment: $150 

2. NUTRITION - Your Perfect Diet Program
Once and for all find out what your body needs according to your lifestyle, body type, constitution, and goals.
This is for you if you are exhausted by trying to decipher what diet is right for your lifestyle– you may want to lose weight, increase energy, or overcome digestive or skin issues. These sessions can be on the phone or in person.
Includes: One health consultation, a complete diet profile of what foods are great for your body and what foods to limit with recipes and resources, an analysis of your food log and a follow up session to make any adjustments necessary to meet your health goals.
Investment: $400

3. PRACTICE - Yoga designed for you
Designing your perfect yoga sequence and home practice.
Includes a private workshop to learn how your body moves and what poses will fit your goals, pictures and videos and a summary of your home practice to do every day for at least 20 minutes. Approximately 2.5 Hours.
Investment: $400 

4. RESTORE – The One Month Program - Fast Track To Fit Living
Four weeks to get you back on track!
This package is for you if you want to transform your health, fitness reducing stress and increasing vitality. This includes three, one-hour sessions and 15 yoga videos to get you on track and reaching goals. This is the perfect personalized program to achieve diet, fitness and lifestyle goals.
Investment: $550/month 

5. TRANSFORM - A three-month transformation of the mind, body and soul
This program is ONLY available on request due to demand.
It’s a lifestyle transformation with a TON of support from me at all times. We come up with an accountability schedule, goals, and milestones to take your health to the fittest and healthiest you have ever been. No joke. Up to four sessions a month, a diet profile, all my yoga videos and unlimited support and resources.
Investment: $2550