Essential Oils 

My journey with essential oils started 7 years ago, and I can attest that my body, skin, joints, strength, immunity and mood have all benefited from these gems.

These naturally occurring oils are volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of the plants.

They are powerfully fragrant, and highly concentrated, 50 – 70 times more powerful than herbs.

Essential oils protect plants and can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications and they are 100% natural.

With just one wellness consult, we can come up with a plan to reach your goals and put you on a path to optimum health naturally. It's a talk that may change your life!


Wake up: Frankincense 

2-3 drops under tongue or back of neck

-Helps build and maintain a healthy immune system
-Promotes cellular health
-Reduces the appearance of blemishes
-Supports health immune system function

Morning Elixir: Lemon, Wild orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Zendocrine 

 5 drops a day in water (one of each)

-Support a healthy metabolism
-Helps reduce stress and uplift mood
-Promotes healthy functioning of the GI tract

Balance - Grounding Blend

3 drops a day on pulse points

-Brings a grounding feeling and great for traveling
-Soothes sore muscles and joints
-Supports cellular health and overall well-being

On Guard - Immunity Blend

2 drops on bottom of feet or along the spine

-Supports the immune system
-Diffuse to eliminate germs in the kitchen


Lifelong Vitality Pack, Deep Blue, Mito 2 Max, PB Assist 

-Helps to protect cells against oxidative stress, promotes healthy circulation, immune system function, and healthy joint function
-Promotes cellular energy production, and supports healthy aging
-Increases mental energy, decreases fatigue and improves endurance
-Supports health immune system function

Pm: Lavender, Serenity, Bergamot, Balance, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile 

1-2 drops nightly on wrist, back of neck or bottom of feet

-Aids in a more restful sleep
-Relieves daily stress

Weekly: Coriander

1-2 drops on bottom of feet twice a week

-Promotes digestions/eases occasional stomach upset
-Helps to maintain an already healthy insulin response
-Soothes joint and muscle discomfort
-Tones and rejuvenates the skin
-Helps oil skin to reduce breakouts

Monthly or Quarterly: GX ASSIST

3 x’s a day for 10 days

-Clears candida
-Cleanses intestinal tract

You can start with just a few oils or the supplements and I know you will feel the result.

Contact me at to schedule a free 15 min consultation on the phone or with Skype. 


"I enlisted Christina in the summer of 2015. My goal was to lose weight and improve my overall wellness. While by most standards I was already was in great shape and healthy – I desired to take my game up a few notches with many attempts at this on my own without success.

I was skeptical in general that anyone could really help me meet my goals. I had worked with several individuals that collected their fees and didn’t seem to be able to really make a difference in my goals. Christina was utterly fantastic!

She took the time to listen and understand what my goals were and give insight into what was keeping me from reaching these goals. It was incredible how she transformed how I think about myself, approach wellness, and with her loving smile encourage me each and every day."

- Patricia, Breckenridge,Co


Qualified and experienced in relaxation, sports and Thai massage, I offer a tailored massage to meet your specific needs. In addition, I use doTERRA, a certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil, which is the secret weapon for tight muscles, sore joints, inflammation, and simple relaxation/stress relief.

Serenity, deep blue, on guard, wild orange, white fir or lavender – what does your body need? The benefits of using an essential oil with massage are unbelievable. Knots loosen, immunity is enhanced, joint pain relieved, and sleep like a baby.

I use a variety of techniques, stretches and pressures to decrease pain and create an overall sense of balance and comfort.

Benefits include:

  • Increases flexibility and local circulation
  • Releases deep and superficial tension of muscle and facial
  • Detoxifies the body and increases immunity
  • Improves breathing, posture and balance
  • Promotes a sound sleep
  • Helps chronic joint problems
  • Decreases stress