Yoga for Mountain Bikers – Reach your Peak Performance

Yoga for Mountain Bikers – Reach your Peak Performance

Mountain Biking and Yoga

Power + Agility = Peak Performance

“A cyclist without yoga is like riding with out a seat. It can be done but it probably won’t be a very successful, comfortable or lengthy career. “ - Nick Truitt, Pro Mountain Biker/Coach and Owner of Breck Bike Guides in Breckenridge, CO

If you want to be a faster and stronger rider it takes just a little more than just getting in the saddle these days. What can give you that edge or complement your riding to reduce injury and achieve optimum performance?

It’s the habits that you do everyday to make that difference – focus, mobility, and breath work. Yoga ticks all the boxes and is allowing people to stay at the top of their game at any age.

Yoga poses help balance overused muscles, improve agility, and make your more resilient on the bike whatever the season.

Here are my top 6 reasons to up your biking game with yoga.

  1. Balance and Posture

As the body gets conditioned and tightens up with long hours and days in the saddle, recovery becomes harder and harder. Consistent peddling and a static position hunched over the bars creates imbalances that can cause injury and restrict breathing. Yoga balances your body by lengthening and strengthening the overused muscles so you can bounce back and recover faster.

  1. Range of Movement

As you get stronger, muscles shorten and can get tight. This is good to a point, however you want to retain a fluid pedal stroke without restriction. By using a dynamic warm up or short yoga practice, you can keep an optimal range of movement and increase circulation to overused muscles.

  1. Circulation

Movement combined with breath will bring not only awareness to the body part but increase the fluid and/or fresh blood to the connective tissue, joints and overused muscles.

Healthy Blood flow = Healthy Muscles.

  1. Increased Focus

Making a body and mind connection allows us to completely focus of the task at hand. Yoga allows us to practice the poses with breath awareness that can lead into a flow or mediation state. Then we can take this practice to the bike to harness our energy and focus fully into power output and technical skills.

  1. Lowered Stress

Yoga reduces the cortisol in your body promoting a relaxation response. For athletes, reducing this hormone in the body is the key to a speedy recovery from exercise.

  1. Power

Yoga can improve your power in the saddle. Have you ever felt tight in the lower back during a climb and all of a sudden your legs seem to drain of all their power? Try opening up your hips in yoga, it will release the lower back making your body more flexible, relaxed and efficient.


  • Cobra
  • Downward Dog
  • Pigeon or Eye of the Needle
  • Legs up the Wall

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