Why headstands are cool.

Why headstands are cool.

Why we should do headstands for a few minutes everyday, or at least in every yoga practice!

1. Relieves spinal pain, and maintains good posture.

2. Bats, yes, bats!  They traditionally spend time upside down have never developed osteoarthritis.  Strengthens bones and ligaments, which hold the bones together.

3. Improves blood circulation to the brain which improves memory, concentration, and clear thinking.

4. Controls indigestion.

5. Decreases mood swings, depression and PMS.

6. Enhances immunity – cleans the blood!

7. Promotes a better sleep, decreases muscle tension.

8. Helps you look and feel beautiful. Increases circulation, releases the “good” hormones.

9. Increases flexibility.

10. Maintains your height, it is said that we shrink with age.  Fear not, with headstands you can stand your ground or at least stay your height ; )