Why Cleanse?

Why Cleanse?

Many people agree that every season is a great time for a cleanse, but why should you consider a cleanse? Shouldn’t our bodies do the dirty work for us every day? If you eat pretty well and take care of yourself do you need to do more? What are the benefits of clean eating or detoxing?

I love a good quarterly cleanse of eating clean and eliminating some of the stressors in my diet and here’s why. Be good to your liver and kidneys and they will love you back! No matter how organic you eat or how careful you are, you are always picking up toxins in the air you breathe, food you eat, and water your drink and your liver is always processing those toxins.
Did you know that toxins are stored in fat? In a cleanse, you can get rid of those toxins in your system and your body has the ability to start shedding the fat. Ever wonder why those last few pounds are the hardest? It may be due to your liver working too hard!

Why Detox?

It is suggested that we detox 4 times a year, once with each season, to cleanse our bodies of the toxins that accumulate each quarter from environmental factors, stress, and lifestyle choices.

What are some signs that you are toxic?

Constipation or loose stools
Acne and other skin problems
Bad breath
Poor circulation
Sinus infections or excess mucus
Bloating and weight gain
And so much more!
What are some of the benefits you’ll see after detoxing your body?

Better sleep
Increased energy
Better, more regular bowel movements
Clear skin
Lose weight
Kick the cravings
Look great and feel even better
Detoxing is essential for building the immune system and strengthening your digestion. It’s also a chance to slow down and give your body a break after the busy months when the outside environment often hampers digestion.

In the fall, we focus on detoxing the lungs and the large intestine, which are the two organs that need the most attention during this season according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is possible using a combination of physical and emotional tools, combined with proper diet, which I cover in my new program the 14 Day Clean Eating Kickstart!

After a cleanse, I feel lighter, my energy is even throughout the day, and I am no longer ruled by my cravings. I am currently on a 90 day alcohol free cleanse and am doing an Essential Oil Liver Lover Protocol. I was just feeling like I needed more energy could use a reboot!

I encourage you to dive in April 1st with me! I would love to show you the way with my 14 day clean eating kickstart – an easy to follow program with support every step of the way! First, decide on your goals and why you even want to start the program. This is so important for you to be committed to the program – look awesome, feel better, have energy for your weekend? Then, grab a friend you can do it with, a partner in health will keep you energised and accountable ( but so will I )! You’ll also have 60 delicous recipes for your new clean eating lifestyle.

If you are after a taster or tips, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, which once signed up you will receive a free 3 day Essential Detox! It’s an awesome little taster and also gives you some of the Essential Oils I am using for my program to enhance the effects of the cleanse.

Tips: I’m using digestzen, lemon, and zendocrine for my the liver lover program. I will also give you the skinny on ordering oils and keeping with the program after it’s over.

Love your body and it will keep working for you!!!!

Fit for life!



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