90 days without alcohol

90 days without alcohol

Not that I am a big drinker, but I do like white wine and bubbles socially – just out and about, with my boyfriend for happy hour, or by the beach with friends.  A few good friends have done “the cleanse” and some are actually are well onto 6 months or longer now – they rave about how amazing and strong they feel.

One day after talking to my friend, Donna, I just decided to do it! That’s the key, just do it and stick to it.

I even started on a Sunday, why wait I thought.  As a health coach, I work with clients with pain, allergies and digestive issues and help them decipher what is causing the problem with an elimination diet.  I figured if they are putting in the hard yards for themselves I should see what all the buzz is about with the 90 days off something that you love. I also knew it would be amazing for my liver, and have a myriad of other positive health benefits.

So here was my elimination diet, no alcohol for 90 days starting January 25.

I posted it on Facebook. If you ever want to hold yourself accountable hire a coach or mentor ( like me) or post it to all of your friends on FB – that will keep you on the straight and narrow!

Here’s my 5 reasons why I encourage everyone to try it for 90 days. AND why it may change you life, or at least your perspective.

1. You feel great.

Cravings go away as your body cleanses itself. You tend to eat healthier foods because the body is not being robbed of nutrients and trying to fill it with sugars and caffeine.  I felt as if my skin was clear and my eyes were whiter.

2. You are sharp as a tack all day long.

I could do anything I wanted at any time. There was no need to sleep in, wind down, stop exercising, the day was completely open for me to be productive or just chill.

3. Awesome sleep. 

The sugars in the alcohol tend to wake you up at night, if the bathroom does’t get you first. COOL FACT, if the liver gets overloaded with too many toxins you can wake between 1 -3 am. 

4. If you give up something for 90 days, you feel that you can do anything.

I’m not going to lie, it was harder than I expected. In the next blog – I’ll tell you my secrets to success. But once you make new habits, find alternatives, and change your ideas from “I can’t have” to “I decided to” or “Thank you, but not today” – It’s empowering!!!! It’s even inspiring for you as well as others!

5. Love your body and mind and they will thank you.

Let me give you an example: I run, maybe a casual 9 -10 minute mile for 10 km 5 times a week (if I’m not training for something). A few weeks into my routine, I started adding intervals, the intervals got longer, runs were more inspiring, faster. I started to feel stronger in my mind because I could give up something. I felt as if I could push, control and extend my boundaries now. I felt in control, it was amazing.

What is your reason to take on a clean 90 days? Knowing why you want it will keep you going!

Can you dive in and after this post, just do it?

I double dare you. You may just surprise yourself.

If you would like coaching around clean eating, allergies, or alleviating pain please contact me today to set up a consultation. I am currently in Bali for a Yoga Nourish Retreat based around a cleaner, more energetic, beautiful you.  Still spaces available for the June 7-13, 2015! You can reach me at christina@swellfitliving.com or find me on Facebook or Instagram at Swell Fit Living.  I am continuing a full consultation schedule while I am abroad no need to wait. Start today, you deserve it.