What Fuels You?

What Fuels You?

What fuels you?

Think about that for a second.

What we eat, see, breathe, and think are fuel for our system.

Is it air, nature, family, sleep, work, friends, food, exercise, sport, art, music, hobbies, pets, or travel?

I hope you are filling yourself with goodness and fuel for your mind and body.  I find it is easy to get caught in news, media, and other people’s stories – however think about how that may affect your mind in a positive or negative way.

Here are a few tips to stay on track with your daily FUEL:

First, WITNESS what feels good and bad. This is powerful not only with food, but with what you watch and how you speak.

Second, what you FEEL or THINK determines if you move on or take it in. Determine what feels good for you, helps you reach your goals or creates happiness.

Third, CHOOSE again or stay the course. As soon as I started seeing everything in my world as becoming a part of me, including conversation and self-talk it was easy to filter or dismiss.  Now I keep things that are congruent with my mission, purpose and wellbeing. Gabby Bernstein, bestselling author of Super Attractor,  calls it the “choose again” method.

Clear up the clutter, cleanse your social media, re-assess your fridge, simplify your routines, call good friends, mediate and journal, and witness what feels right and keep it.

Witness, See and Feel, Choose, and ADD in or CROWD out.

Wishing you the best on your wellness journey and hope these ideas keep you active, creative, happy and vital!