What do you mean there’s no sugar?

What do you mean there’s no sugar?

This is seriously delish! No sugar granola, not impossible!  I got the idea from the “I Quit Sugar”  Cookbook by Sarah Wilson.  It is really good, and super filling too.  I made so much I’m going to freeze some to keep it fresh.

Try some of this in the am with your fruit and/or yogurt to keep you going all day. It will give you that extra hit of protein with the chia seeds and nuts to keep you satisfied. I love mine with fresh almond milk.  Also great treat for after dinner.

RECIPE : Give a little chop to walnuts and pecans, mix with chia seeds, coconut oil, a little rice syrup, coconut shavings (NOT desiccated) and a few drops of doTERRA cinnamon essential oil.  Bake on cookie sheet at 120 C for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. 

*** The doTERRA cinnamon essential oil really gave it a huge hit of taste!  I would not leave that out, ground cinnamon is great but doesn’t give it that same richness.   I also use the cinnamon oil as a sugar buster.  I put a drop on my hand and lick, sounds weird, but it curbs the craving immediately.  Other uses for cinnamon oil – immune booster, infections, bites and stings, diabetes, diverticulitis, and warming. ***

Contact me if you love love love it  : )