Want more energy, power and flexibility

Want more energy, power and flexibility

Do you know that feeling of paddling out and your muscles ache from the day before?  Have you ever been slow to your feet after a few waves? Have you ever wished you could stay out a little bit longer but you’re spent?

Wonder why all pros carry a massage therapist in their back pocket? It’s because they have to be at the top of their game all the time and they can’t afford to be injured, tired, miss a day in the water or that perfect wave.  Take their cue and I’ll explain why massage is only going to improve your surfing, increase your fitness, and decrease your chance of injury.

Three reasons why massage is the answer!

1.Increases circulation and flexibility.

As a surfer you’ve got to have flexibility, strength, power, and healthy lubricated joints and connective tissue. Massage and flushing improves the circulation to promote lubrication of the joints and lengthens the muscles, similar to stretching.

2. Helps you to get fitter faster and reduce inflammation.

Massage reduces the compounds, cytokines that cause inflammation, while most pain medications just block the inflammation.  In addition, massage activates the mitochondria, the powerhouses inside cells, which convert glucose into energy.  These are essential for cell function and repair.  It goes to say that the fitter a muscle cell is, the more mitochondria it has.  Massage promotes this production, which in turn helps us to get fitter faster!

3. Prevents injuries.

Knots, scar tissue, adhesions and uneven muscle tensions can hinder you from moving properly and can lead to injury.  Those stubborn spots can cause a pain or even restrict movement in your neck, back and shoulders. If you don’t break that tissue up with massage you could risk injury and increase the chances of having chronic pain.

Remember water is the way to receive all the benefit from the massage. It keeps muscles and tissues hydrated and flush the body clean of all the waste products. It also keeps you body working properly and your joints happy. For an added bonus add a drop of doTERRA lemon essential oil to a liter or two of water to detox kidneys or down some coconut water that’s packed with electrolytes!

How often should you get a massage?

On a surfing vacation, I recommend as often as you can.  And just ask for simple flushing or medium pressure that way you will feel great for your next session.

For maintenance and injury prevention, shoot for once a month or at least 4 times a year.

How do I choose a massage therapist?

Referrals are great.   Just start asking around!   Check out websites as well to get a feel of what they offer, and do they cater to athletes or offer sports massage? And last but not least, price! Let’s just say you often get what you pay for.

We work hard with eating right and training right, so add in a massage to improve your surfing and spend more time in the water!