Imagine being in your "yoga" element for 4 days, soaking in music, new teachers, new inspiration, international musicians, raw food, healthy treats, smoothies, juices, bubbles, pool time and more.  Then take that and sprinkle in awesome new and old friends, community, heritage, culture, nature, and community.  That is Wanderlust for you in a nutshell. It's a hip "new school" yoga festival designed for the modern day yogi.

It is beyond inspiring.  I have to say I soaked it all in and more. What it made me realize is where I really want to be.  IN a tribe, with people like me and rooted in a career that I am more than passionate about.  Thanks to all the beautiful teachers Shiva Rea, Duncan Peak, Simon Park, and Maty Ezraty and to Yoga with Me, Tailor Skin Care, Gabrielle, Motivate Me, Sarah from Balance Yoga Cambridge for creating an positive and absolutely amazing experience for me (and us all)!

I realized that I when I thought all this time that I was redefining myself in the healthy living yoga field - it is actually where I was all along.  My mission has been for the past 15 years is to stay strong in my "outdoor" lifestyle and sport while inspiring others to do the same. DO NOT LET ANYTHING STOP YOU. Teaching and training snowboard instructors in NZ and the US, leading mountain biking and climbing day to weekend workshops, hosting surf and yoga retreats in Bali and getting to share yoga with some of the fittest and most inspiring people in the world - I am in my element, in my flow and in my passion. I am so excited that not only will I be holding yoga for athletes workshops but videos and an online membership site too - so you can get the best way to stay in the "game" yoga, recipes, and inspiration from anywhere! I love it.

What do you love?

Biking - I can't live without it, I have 4 bikes. Running - just try and stop me, I'm slow and sure and can do a half marathon off the couch. Surfing - don't mind if I do. Snowboarding - I think I have spent more days with a board on my feet than actually walking. Triathlon - my current favorite event to enter.

What's your vision?

Is it to be the best in your field, your sport, the best mom, friend, partner you can be with endless energy and the mindset to be active and fit and enjoy life to the fullest?

Inspiration gathered from my journey to WANDERLUST

  1. Find your tribe - people who share your passion. Sign up for an event, group or a festival.
  2. Find someone who can reach out and give you personal advise and provide accountability - I have awesome business goals and I have a business mentor to guide me.  I would never start a new sport without a lesson - so why do that with life and business!
  3. Be curious and be present. Be a witness and let go of judgement.
  4. Meditate - Get clear on your goals and reach them with some focused time to restore the mind. I recommend One Giant Mind to get started.
  5. Step outside your comfort zone - and just change one habit. If you want something to be different - you have to do something different.

If you want to be part of my tribe of fit amazing people or you just aspire to finally touch your toes one day - sign up for my newsletter or Facebook page and get the buzz.  The word on the street is that healthy living is in - everyone is doing it. Now jump on board and be inspired - AND INSPIRING.