Truth or Dare? With a yogic twist?

Truth or Dare? With a yogic twist?

So how’s he going to pull this off I wonder as he shoots off the words TRUTH OR DARE. I love classes at Desa Seni in Changgu, the teachers are truly beautiful and it’s always such a powerful experience… and this day is no different. I have to give Octavio credit, this guy has heart, I love how he brings intention into every class and motivates us all to walk the walk on and off the mat.

As he mentions this old favourite game, we sit in our “fancy pyjamas” on the floor, perched on pillows  – He’s right, we are in the mist of a silly slumber party stretching around and either we are true to ourselves in these crazy poses or our mind wanders and we end up looking at everyone else the whole time comparing our flexibility and inevitably our self worth. So he gave us the challenge of truth or dare… which was genus. Get out of you head and follow your truth.

5 Ways to put more life into your yoga, TRUTH OR DARE. 

1. Yoga is your own practice, no one else’s, and you are completely in tune with your body and mind. Be present and accounted for.

2. It’s your party, you call the shots, you make the rules. If you use your intuition and guide your body and mind thoughtfully thru The Practice… you can grow, learn and move forward.

3. Challenge yourself as much as you can, find your edge because you want to go beyond it, you are much stronger than you think you are! Take the dare sometimes!

4.  Truth – Be true to yourself, dig deep, find out what is really down there and let it shine through in your practice.

5. Dare – It’s sometimes scary to fall, to try, to do something and twist yourself up in knots with some made up pose that was invented by someone who is far more flexible than you, but I dare you to. You will be amazed what will happen. I was. It was powerful and is still with me now : )

It’s all on the mat, but really it’s all about your life.  Try it, do something that will stretch your boundaries, do it from a place that is internally motivated. I found that if I did dare myself and followed my own path I was amazed at how strong I felt – even when I fell!

The edge is a cool place, it is a place of strength and power – I recommend going there on the mat and off.

So now what’s your challenge?