The Xterra Experience

The Xterra Experience

I love races. I love the strong people, the outdoors, the countless hours training. I actually should say I love events the bubbles and hours and hours of sleep afterward.

I have always said -  I'm not the competitive type, I just go to test myself and finish strong.  However, this time was a little different. I went with a few friends that are strong, competitive and confident - they crushed it! They pushed themselves, felt amazing and were actually competing with the amazing field of athletes.  It was so amazing!!!  ON the other hand, I was strong but not as assertive.  I lost my place in the mountain biking event because I was "nice" - I was strong enough to hold my place, I can technically ride the course well and I am fast to keep up with the middle half of the field easily.  HOWEVER - what was the deal?  Why did I let people pass when I could have just pushed my game?  I think it's because I was racing myself and everyone else was competing.  I had the fear of holding others up, which was not validated.

I came out the race feeling good - but not like I had done my best.  In all other races I do - you can go your own pace and not be held up by others ( not like on a single track bike event with limited passing).  That disappointment had me reassessing my tactics.  That's the point, right?  To learn from our mistakes?  I go into races not only to test myself, but to be part of the athletic crowd, to push my limits with others who are doing the same.  It's my race as much as anyone else's and I have trained hard to be in that start line too.

Today -  I'm changing my tactics.  I want to feel not only spent and tired at the end of the race, but like I am competing in the field with like minded lean amazing athletes.  I may not finish in the top but I will give it a good shot and stay confident with my skills, paced with my breath, and have fun with the pack who are pushing themselves to the limit too.

I have been entering events for the last 10 years and never racing.  WOW.  I can honestly say that I am turing a corner here and not only will I push myself - but I will compete with the rest of the field.  I'm excited, a little nervous, but this is a whole new world and I am ready for the next challenge.

What's your motivation?  Stay in shape? Push your limits?  Race with the field?  Win?  Whatever it is - own it and love it. As for me - I'm changing it up because it's time and I'm up for the challenge. As the saying goes - face your fear and do it anyway.

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