Benefits of Essential Oils!

Benefits of Essential Oils!

Supercharged, Energetic, Full of Life, Well Rested?

Would you like to have more energy, to look younger, to feel amazing, have glowing skin, and recover faster from your work and your workouts? Read on if you want to know my secrets! XO

Here are my TOP 8 TIPS and Reasons I love Essential Oils.

1. I have not had any medications in a year. – I have treated everything that has come along with oils and I have a great preventative protocol! No sick days for me – unreal! One of my friends, Lee, told me too that her boss actually called her up and said “WHAT have you changed?” – Last year she had 9 sick days and lost more than $1000 in pay and this year not one – same with her daughter!!!!

2. My personal immunity protocol: The Lifelong Vitality Supplements, Mito Max, PB Assist, The Protective Blend Frankincense, Wild Orange, Peppermint. Everyday!  This supplies me with all of my nutrients, omega 3 oils, and essential oils for immunity and energy.

3. My clean and green protocol: V ( vegan) shake, Terra Greens, Terra Enzyme,GX assist, lemon, grapefruit, lime, the metabolic blend, cinnamon, and ginger in my water, smoothies and food! The citrus oils are great for travel, awesome for mood, the liver, cleansing, and ginger and peppermint are my digestion saviours.

4. My Skin and Beauty protocol: Verage Skin Care – it’s all natural, inexpensive and it works! All the Shampoo and Hair care products – which used to be really hard on my skin – these are amazing and also good for tangly beach hair!

5. Oregano: It’s not just for pasta. BE CAREFUL this oil is hot and should be used with care!!!!  I used this – Heavily Diluted on my feet when I was in Bali with a fever.

6. My night time ritual: Frankincense – for immunity and mood, roman chamomile in my tea with honey, serenity on my pillow, sometimes some deep blue on my back or shoulders, cedar wood on the back of my neck to calm the mind, and vetiver or lavender in the diffuser for a sound restful sleep.

6. Everyone thinks you smell amazing. No joke – I was surfing the other day in a wetsuit and someone mentioned that I must be a massage therapist because they could smell my oils!

7.  Here is goes. I’m 43. Yep!  My skin has never been better, my stomach finally feels great and my energy and vitality are amazing!  I contribute it to diet, yoga and my love and protocol with essential oils. Digest zen and Immortelle Essential Oil blends have saved me!

8. I meet the most amazing people who love health, fitness, yoga, natural care, and adventure. I love to teach people how to use the oils in coordination with a clean green healthy lifestyle to decrease pain, increase energy and look amazing!!!!  You are the sum of the three people you hang around most. That means if you want to be strong and healthy – hang around strong healthy people – sounds logical, right?

Now what’s your story?  I’d love to hear!!!

And if you haven’t used them yet, let me show you the way. Check out my website and my online store: or or 021.293.5688.

And if you want to integrate them into your life I will offer you a free 20 minute consult to help you understand what oils and supplements are right for you.  I can even help you with your own account as a wellness advocate! Email me today to find out more and set up a phone appointment.

Sending love!

XO Christina