What is your one big thing you are going to focus on in 2015? What is your main focus or passion?

That’s a big question isn’t it?

If it’s not your health, I would encourage you to think again.  If you do not have your health you cannot take care of others, enjoy your family, move forward in your career, love your partner, jump, run, bike, adventure, travel… well you get my point : ) A lot of us wait until we are injured or sick to take care of ourselves. Can we just start to make with prevention and health a priority? To live an amazing life without pain and free to accomplish anything we want with vitality and passion?

My one big thing not only for myself, but for everyone I touch is –  to create more vitality in life.  I work to alleviate pain and ailments naturally, reduce stressors with actions, increase focus and balance with yoga,  feed self care with education and retreats including adventure – I can literally be your guide.

And going along with health and vitality – I want to accomplish it naturally!  I love action, activity, the outdoors and everything that entails. I love to be out in it and I want to have adventures and stay strong forever. I want to help everyone accomplish this and I want to share my passion, my vitality and my experience to lead the way, coach, and teach.

Hope to see you happy and SUPER healthy in 2015!  In fact, why make 2105 the fittest and most energetic  year ever?