The One Big Thing

The One Big Thing

It’s time to commit. It’s time to jump in. It’s time to feel the wind in your hair and see yourself swiftly approaching full time optimisation.

There’s only one ride and we are on it.


From the outside, it may look like I travel the world, am active in yoga, sport and exercise, work on different projects, start different business, meet tons of cool people and collaborate often.

I love living with vitality.  I have designed my habits (wherever I am) around achieving a personal best “healthy lifestyle” and what I ALWAYS strive in all of my endeavours is to help others reach their peak performance in their life as well.

That’s the ONE BIG thing.

Peak performance in life for life.

How do you reach your best self, your highest fitness, your optimal performance daily, your best recovery days? How do you achieve high powered thinking, increased creativity and fluid communication? How do you use hacks, techniques and tips and make them personal to achieve the highest benefit?

I’m not saying I found the answer, but I have a formula. Years upon years (about 20), working in sport and wellness, starting with rowing at university I have continually been looking for “the answer” in all parts of life and sport. I have married my experiences with psychology, teaching sports, doing sports, sports massage, yoga for athletes, health coaching, corporate wellbeing, essential oils and team building into a one stop program that covers the bases.

What’s up you ask?

It’s a high powered formula that starts with creating personalised solid foundational habits to optimise your mind and body, fitting in upgrades to start you in the direction of your highest goals, and making sure you have the best personal recovery system to maintain the lifestyle you want to create.

Love to help you on your journey and stay tuned for tips, tricks, and retreats.

IF you are ready to start your journey today I have a personalized “peak” activation program. Only taking 2 more serious clients – don’t miss out.

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