The First Step: Business Startups

The First Step: Business Startups

One of the best quotes ever!! “The journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step.” Lao Tzu

This is my first post on this V-blog and I am so excited to actually be DOING this rather than PLANNING it. It is exciting because this is day 1 of step 1 in taking action on something I am whole-heartedly committed to. I know this is my calling, and I am going to share it with you and the world.

It seems as though we all have these ideas and we are constantly thinking about how good of an idea it is but yet, we struggle with knowing how to take that first step and put it into action.

I have been there time and time again. Until one day I just said “screw it”… what is the worse thing that could happen? Fall flat on my face? Be embarrassed amongst peers, lose all my money? Find myself in a place I may be actually doing what I love and making a difference in people’s lives while I am doing it? You get where I am going with this?

if you choose NO ACTION on…

your million dollar idea? = That is right. No million dollars.
your dream job? = That’s right. No dream job.
your first retreat? = That’s right. No retreat.
your first website? = That’s right. No Website.
your first blog post? = That’s right. No Readers.

You get where I am going? Nothing changes in your life or the lives of the ones you love if you don’t take any action. It starts on a very small scale but can become overwhelming quickly if you let it. You get an idea, you think about it, maybe try it on for size with your friends, peers, significant other… and then by about that time you have so many other people’s opinions on what to do and what not to do you can’t take any action for yourself.

I am offering you a REAL way to put your ideas, dreams and passions through the ultimate litmus test for success. It is a simple 4 week course where you and other passionate entrepreneurs and warriors are looking to take that first ACTION step to realizing their dreams.

It is a work at your own pace type of course, however, the homework you will doing will be nothing less than amazing in helping you to create a clear path towards actualizing your dreams.

MAKE NO MISTAKE… putting your dreams out there for all to see, read, talk about and wonder is a BIG ACTION STEP. Just like I am putting this blog post up on my website offering this package for the first time in a group setting rather than the usual personal coaching method – I have opened myself up for evaluation.

WHAT’S THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN? No one signs up? FINE… I am willing to take that chance. I am a big girl now with big ideas and LOADS of experience helping entrepreneurs just like you and me. Let’s do it together and see how much farther we get as a village rather than being out there all by ourselves trying to convince everyone else of what you already believe to be true.