Going Global with Natural Alternatives!

Going Global with Natural Alternatives!

Wassup with Essential Oils all of a sudden?  That’s what I thought until I tried them and now I have to say I’m a bit of a pusher.  I’m not ashamed, in fact I’m not even sorry!  I have had a few things spark my interest including digestive issues, coaching clients, energy spikes, and even friends passing away.

I had been taking antibiotics, anti inflammatories, and acid reflux medications for what feels like years, now the time has come for natural alternatives.  I was always a fan of herbs and acupuncture, however these were still always in someone else’s control. An appointment here and there was great, but I wondered what can I do in-between to improve my health and increase my energy? And how can I get off meds in general?

Even though I’m healthy, I feel like I can do better.  Last year I have put the natural solutions in my daily life and what a positive change. No more side effects, and immediate relief is even better! 

I’m so happy to have essential oils, and I’m traveling around spreading the love. I’m excited to share my knowledge, my ideas and even my energy about what has helped me immensely. In fact, for the first time ever I did not get Bali Belly when traveling, and  I have to thank the Digestive blend and Oregano for that.

You know me, I love my food and exercise. Run, jump, surf, ride, eat more greens, drink more water, eat whole foods, and get out outside! Your body with thank you for it.

But in the meantime, when things are out of balance you can get some help with Mother Nature. 

TIPS and TRICKS with Essential oils:

Lemon oil in water for cleansing the body

Peppermint to boost energy and soothe the belly

Frankincense every day for mood and immunity

Slim and Sassy to help curb sugar cravings

Deep Blue for sore muscles

Digest Zen for anything related to the stomach

Happy Trails!  See you on the flip side and as always feel free to contact me today for a free wellness consultation to see if my tips, essential oils, health coaching will fit your needs and raise your energy!

XO Christina