Suppositories: The Nuclear Option

Suppositories: The Nuclear Option

I first started using and studying how to use essential oils 8 years ago under Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.  Dr. Schnaubelt is the scientific director and founder of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. He has a Ph.D. in chemistry and left the pharmaceutical world to pursue essential oils. One of the first thing that impressed me was that he advocated the ingesting of essential oils. While studying his Plant Langue course I used and experimented with many different oils on a daily basis with great success. It was during this time that I learned about using essential oils to make suppositories. Which I now call The Nuclear Option.

You are probably asking, “Why suppositories?”. Chronic bronchitis reacts very quickly to essential oils delivered in this form. When you ingest essential oils orally, the oils have to pass through the stomach and liver before they are delivered by the blood stream to where they are needed. Essential oils in suppositories bypass the liver by being absorbed into the abdominal veins which are fed directly into the heart-lung circulatory system. The oils reach the lower bronchial capillaries in their original state while oils absorbed by the liver may lose some of its antimicrobial, mucolytic and expectorant qualities.

I found this very interesting. Being an asthmatic, whenever I would get a cold it would often travel to my lungs very quickly and stay for a long time. Now I have a very effective tool for this situation. I would also like to add that essential oils delivered this way avoids the strong sensations of smell and taste associated with other forms of delivery. It is also well suited for the treatment of small children and babies. Please only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils when ingesting oils and make sure you are using an appropriate dosage.

The following recipe is for bronchitis, but it will also work for many other illnesses. Feel free to change up the oils to suit your needs, keeping the basic ratios in place. I now also use coconut oil as a substitute for cocoa butter. Coconut oil is solid below 76 degrees and a liquid above. I place the coconut oil in my window and melt it that way. It is important to keep your essential oils below 90 degrees otherwise you risk reducing the health benefits of the essential oils. Coconut oils works great that way.

Ingregients-Krishna-Ghorai20 grams cocoa butter or coconut oil
10 ml of a base oil, ideally sesame oil

Place the cocoa butter and base oil in a double boiler and very carefully melt the mixture. Once the mass becomes fully liquid add 60 drops of your desired essential oil for adults or 10-20 drops children.

Mix well and allow to cool in tin foil boats and store in the freezer until


Mixture-Krishna-GhoraiHere are some ideas  for essential to use. I used this mix for my last batch.

thyme 10 drops
oregano 10 drops
cinnamon 10 drops
eucalyptus 10 drops
arborvitae 10 drops
rosemary 10 drops

I hope after reading this you will  keep an open mind and try this. I find suppositories to be very effective when all else has failed. Now you Know my Nuclear option.  That’s Détente eh comrade.

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Source: The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.