Smoothie or juice it up in the am

Smoothie or juice it up in the am

Power yourself with a nutritious and delicious smoothie and feel the difference all day.

The words of my lovely friend and mentor Juli (of Meta Yoga Breck) always ring true to me when I blend up a delicious smoothie in the am…. One day I rode my bike up to her house for a meeting and after puffing “sorry I’m a little late”, she offered my a delicious hummus and veggie snack and then noted that I am the person who “eats for fuel.”  I always thought that was cool, fuel or course…. but doesn’t everyone?

Here are some of my favorites : )

1. Blueberry, almond milk, unsweetened yogurt and some super green brew or wheatgrass powder.  Depending on what kind of sweetness you like, add dates or bananas.  Dates are packed with iron and bananas filled with potassium (good to fight cramps).

2. Apple, pear, almond milk or rice milk and unsweetened yogurt.

3. Fresh ginger, mint and unsweetened yogurt.  Great for digestion!

4. Banana, coconut water, blueberries.  Filled with electrolytes.

5. Spinach, banana, blueberries, unsweetened yogurt. Builds strong muscles.

4. Walnuts, raisins, apple and coconut water or almond milk – this one actually tastes great for dessert and packed with omega 3s.

5. Pumpkin seeds, banana, dates, avocado, tiny bit of vanilla extract and filtered water. Great for the complexion and high in zinc.

Reference Dr Libby’s Real Food Chef for more great recipes!