Refresh, Restore, Reset, Recharge & Connect

Refresh, Restore, Reset, Recharge & Connect

Last month I had the lucky opportunity of attending my very first yoga retreat. Yeah, it was great that it was in Costa Rica. And yeah, there was wonderful food and great outdoor opportunities. But my favorite part was the unbelievable group of people that I got to share the experience with. One of these gems of a soul was hiker, go-getter, competitive snowboarder and yogi Leslie Glenn. We live a mere half an hour from one another and have never had the stars align just right to get to know one another. Well, it happened thousands of miles away from home and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world! The following is Leslie’s input of how YOU can benefit from the experiences involved in a yoga retreat.

A Few of the Many Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

By Leslie Glenn


Sometimes the best trips don’t have to be planned too far in advance. After a busy holiday season in the mountains of Breckenridge and on a last minute whim, I reserved a spot on Amber Cook’s February retreat to Costa Rica. It was a wonderful decision. The travel, the retreat, the yoga and the warm waves of the Pacific Ocean were exactly what I needed. A yoga retreat provides an amazing opportunity for us to travel with like minded people to amazing locations to do what we love and spread the love. An environment to refresh, restore, reset and recharge while tuning into our true nature while embracing the beauty of nature. Here is a breakdown of a few of the many benefits of attending a yoga retreat.


  1. Refresh. Life can move fast. As we continue to follow our daily routine, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of our goals and intentions. Slowing down and focusing on ourselves through yoga, meditation and thoughtful introspection can help us reconnect to our authentic selves. A retreat allows the time and positive environment to refresh and make sure the momentum of our daily life is moving in a positive direction.
  2. Restore. The quiet relaxation of time in nature is very nourishing for the mind, body and soul. It allows us to focus on the present moment, tuning out unnecessary distractions. In Costa Rica, I found restoration in the stillness of a beautiful sunset on the beach with new found friends and in the triumph of finding focus while practicing yoga in the midst of a harrowing wind storm.
  3. Reset. Hitting the reset button can mean different things for different people. It can provide perspective on your life, and opportunity to practice gratitude and insure we are happy. With a fresh perspective it’s a good time to set an intention or Sankalpa to help us reach our full potential.
  4. Recharge. Seeing the joy in simple everyday moments but also striving for expansion and abundance in life. After a week in Costa Rica, I returned to Colorado happy to ease back into the life’s hustle and bustle yet excited and ready to embrace new experiences and opportunities. The recharge helped me to be thankful but also expand my reach and vision.
  5. Connect. Connection to your true authentic self, connection to your yoga practice and connecting to other people on a retreat are all incredible benefits. Daily yoga practice without the time constraints of work or schedules allows us to open up more mentally and physically deepening our yoga practice. The intimate environment of traveling with a small group of like minded individuals is a fantastic way to build strong connections and camaraderie as well. I am forever thankful for my spontaneous adventure to Costa Rica many new found friends.


Needless to say, I am already planning my next yoga retreat.

For information on Amber and Leslie’s Mountain Yoga and Nature Retreat please email, visit Amber’s Website, or check out our Facebook Page.