Healthy Chocolate Mousse, SUGAR FREE!

Healthy Chocolate Mousse, SUGAR FREE!

Yep, it’s time.  I’m going off the hard stuff, sugar, for 8 weeks and maybe forever.  Three reasons, I figure it’s a good idea and maybe you can relate. I have a plan, let me know if you want the details to get off sugar too… I can help!

1. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted and my mood I changes as my blood sugar drops.  I’d like to be in control of my own mood and not feel like I need to pack snacks in order to be out the house for more than a few hours.

2. It inhibits the immune system, so harder to fight infections,  and speeds up the ageing process. I want to be young forever, or at least try : )

3. It has been connected with the development of cancers of the breast, ovaries, prostate, lung and pancreas. Not a fan.

So since I LOVE cacao and bliss balls I have started to research some healthy no sugar alternatives!  Hence this blissful avocado chocolate mousse!

Here’s what Bel and I came up with, sorry no exact measurements, but contact me for more details if you need! NO SUGAR, and it passed the test –  boyfriend loved it and had no idea there was avocado and no sugar.

Blend or process brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts.  Mix with organic coconut oil, stevia and cacao power and press together in pan as base for the mousse.

Blend avocados, bananas, almond milk, cocoa powder, and stevia until it mousse like.

Put it in the fridge until it hardens up, I unfortunately put it first in the freezer and it ended up as hard as the counter top so had to thaw it out before eating. Bummer.