Quick & Easy DIY Hair Detangler

Quick & Easy DIY Hair Detangler

I don’t use conditioner every single time I wash my hair. And when I do, sometimes I just condition the tips. I find that my hair is a knotted mess during these times of low or no conditioner, making it difficult and damaging to brush. This  DIY hair detangler recipe has made battling knots unbelievably quick and easy!

DIY Hair Detangler Recipe

4 oz. Glass Spray Bottle

4 oz. Water

15 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil

15 drops Lemon Essential Oil


It is very important to make this mixture in a glass bottle as citrus essential oils will break down plastic containers. Add the Lemon and Wild Orange Essential oils to the bottle and top off with water. DONE! Didn’t I promise you quick & easy, not to mention cheap? Shake the bottle before using and liberally spray on wet or dampened hair. Your knots won’t be as much of a problem as before plus you will get compliments all day on how wonderful you smell!


Wild Orange Essential Oil will help you from ripping out your hairs when combing as well as another benefit: it has antidepressant properties that can uplift you and relieve anxiety. Avoid getting any on your skin as it is photosensitive, causing a reaction in direct sunlight.

Lemon Essential Oil will help you easily pull out those knots and decrease any oiliness. Another antidepressant, it also has antiviral properties that can help protect you when around friends and family with colds. Another photosensitive essential oil.


Try making your own mix by adding other essential oils. Here are a few suggestions:

Lavender for dandruff, fragile, itchy and dry hair.

Sandalwood for dry and fragile hair.

Geranium to stimulate growth.

Cypress for greasy hair.

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