Peppermint and On Guard go cycling.

Peppermint and On Guard go cycling.



If you have an adventure, I have the essentials for you!!!!  Contact me to get your kit together today!

Those of you that know me, know that I love to bike. My latest trip, though wasn’t a huge cycle was a bit of a funny adventure.  What was supposed to be a quick out and back to the coast turned into a landslide filled hitching epic.

But the funny thing is,


Story short, Richie and go for a ride to the coast, first day get sunburnt – lavender and coconut oil applied immediately.  Oh and sore legs – peppermint and aroma touch cured that right away.  I put some aroma touch on my shoulders and it was amazing, immediate heat and release of soreness.  As a massage therapist, I cannot wait to get back and use this on my clients!  Next, let’s just say a little too much indulging on the chocolate after the ride warranted a bit of peppermint oil on the belly to aid in digestion. Next morning a little bit of on guard mouthwash, to freshen up and also planning to be drenched all day going over the pass so boosting immunity couldn’t hurt ; ) Then day three no biking, but let me tell you about Kev, the friendliest foodservice delivery guy in the world.  Good ol’ Kev toted Richie and I around in his truck, dodging the landslide, avoiding the rain, introducing us to both good food but sometimes not so fresh accommodation. Lavender upon entering the truck ( and the musty accommodation ), one to soothe the nerves and cover up the not so fresh peeps inside. Peppermint for motion sickness, which is par for the course on the windy roads.

I have to say I think I have Richie hooked and I will never leave home without my essential tools again.  I have proved rain nor shine, hitching or riding, walking or running there’s an oil for that.