THE Essential RAW Kitchen RECIPES

By Christina McGrath|August 31, 2015

Why use Essential Oils for cooking? Therapeutic, Cost Effective, Powerful Flavor, Easy to Use, Antioxidant and Immunity Boosting Properties FUN!

Vegan Cucumber and Avocado Soup

By Christina McGrath|August 8, 2015

Cucumber and Avocado are amazing for hydration and revitalization of the skin.  Check out this clean, green, and mean recipe for your lunch or dinner nutrient rich fix.  I have added a few of my favorite essential oils for flavor and will never go back.

Natural Beauty 101: Dry Brushing Tips!

By Christina McGrath|July 11, 2015

Our bright eyes, shiny hair, strong nails and SKIN tell the story of what we eat, how we think, and what we do. Do you want to glow, feel vibrant and healthy from the inside and out? In the next six weeks follow me in a natural beauty quest with […]

Secrets to Silky Smooth Skin

By Christina McGrath|July 11, 2015

Tips for glowing skin and vitality! 1. HYDRATE AND NOURISH THE SEXY LEGS Body Scrub Now you have fully exfoliated with your dry brush and gloves –how about adding in a homemade scrub that will pack a punch for moisturizing and nourishing. Here’s one I love and will recommend to […]

The Anti-inflammitory Face Mask

By Christina McGrath|July 11, 2015

Are the products that you put on your skin and body as clean as the food on your plate? Do you want something that actually makes your skin feel young, clean, and tight like a spa treatment? Do you love your natural lifestyle?

CHAKRA SYSTEM: The Sacral Chakra

By Shannon Toma|May 26, 2015

2nd Chakra:  SACRAL CHAKRA  “The second chakra has to do with change. This chakra is linked to the element of water and creative expression. Free your creative side and flow like water and find your passion for life. And connect to genuine intimacy and have the freedom to give freely.” “I FEEL” PURPOSE: Creation/Self […]

Quick & Easy DIY Hair Detangler

By Kimberly Ghorai|May 26, 2015

I don’t use conditioner every single time I wash my hair. And when I do, sometimes I just condition the tips. I find that my hair is a knotted mess during these times of low or no conditioner, making it difficult and damaging to brush. This  DIY hair detangler recipe […]

5 TIPS to be Alcohol Free for 90 days

By Christina McGrath|May 23, 2015

You are constantly working on being healthy and fit. You thought it was good a good idea, friends have done it, you have your health reasons, but now it’s your friends birthday and you want to celebrate. How do you stay true to your goals of a dry 90 days when “it’s […]

Graceful Adaptability

By Kimberly Ghorai|May 14, 2015

People wake up every morning and make plans for the day, week, month and year. A majority of the time, those plans get jostled and the path isn’t what was anticipated. Guess what: you usually still get to the destination as long as you learn to adapt to the change!

The Smoothie Revolution

By Christina McGrath|May 13, 2015

I’m converted. I love them, they are easy to travel with, contain tons of nutrients and protein, fun to make and you can tailor them to be sweet, savoury, green or chocolate. And if you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen a decent number […]

90 days without alcohol

By Christina McGrath|May 7, 2015

Not that I am a big drinker, but I do like white wine and bubbles socially – just out and about, with my boyfriend for happy hour, or by the beach with friends.  A few good friends have done “the cleanse” and some are actually are well onto 6 months or longer […]

A Mixture of Modalities

By Kimberly Ghorai|April 28, 2015

mo•dal•i•ty: a therapeutic method or agent. A couple of years back, my now husband told me about a holistic doctor a few towns over that practices NAET: Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. He shared with me the huge success he personally had with reducing his asthma triggers and the process that […]

Validation? Who needs it?

By Juli Rathke|April 20, 2015

Remember the last time you made a really tough decision and just weren’t sure of the outcome no matter which way you went? Remember when you last took a big risk and still weren’t sure if you had done the right thing? I am sure at each of those moments […]

Make Almond Milk At Home

By Krishna Ghorai|April 17, 2015

This week I want to share how to make a delicious, nutritious and economical almond milk. More and more people are using alternatives to dairy products these days. This is great because dairy isn’t right for everyone. It’s important to find what works well for you and having more choices […]

The Best Scones You Will Ever Eat!

By Kimberly Ghorai|April 16, 2015

I like to bake a lot. I have way too many cookbooks, some only holding one favorite recipe of mine. I had the opportunity to share an essential oils tea time at a yoga retreat this past weekend. What goes better with tea time than scones!? Here is my all […]