THE Essential RAW Kitchen RECIPES

By Christina McGrath|August 31, 2015

Why use Essential Oils for cooking? Therapeutic, Cost Effective, Powerful Flavor, Easy to Use, Antioxidant and Immunity Boosting Properties FUN!

Vegan Cucumber and Avocado Soup

By Christina McGrath|August 8, 2015

Cucumber and Avocado are amazing for hydration and revitalization of the skin.  Check out this clean, green, and mean recipe for your lunch or dinner nutrient rich fix.  I have added a few of my favorite essential oils for flavor and will never go back.

Natural Beauty 101: Dry Brushing Tips!

By Christina McGrath|July 11, 2015

Our bright eyes, shiny hair, strong nails and SKIN tell the story of what we eat, how we think, and what we do. Do you want to glow, feel vibrant and healthy from the inside and out? In the next six weeks follow me in a natural beauty quest with […]

Secrets to Silky Smooth Skin

By Christina McGrath|July 11, 2015

Tips for glowing skin and vitality! 1. HYDRATE AND NOURISH THE SEXY LEGS Body Scrub Now you have fully exfoliated with your dry brush and gloves –how about adding in a homemade scrub that will pack a punch for moisturizing and nourishing. Here’s one I love and will recommend to […]

The Anti-inflammitory Face Mask

By Christina McGrath|July 11, 2015

Are the products that you put on your skin and body as clean as the food on your plate? Do you want something that actually makes your skin feel young, clean, and tight like a spa treatment? Do you love your natural lifestyle?

5 TIPS to be Alcohol Free for 90 days

By Christina McGrath|May 23, 2015

You are constantly working on being healthy and fit. You thought it was good a good idea, friends have done it, you have your health reasons, but now it’s your friends birthday and you want to celebrate. How do you stay true to your goals of a dry 90 days when “it’s […]

The Smoothie Revolution

By Christina McGrath|May 13, 2015

I’m converted. I love them, they are easy to travel with, contain tons of nutrients and protein, fun to make and you can tailor them to be sweet, savoury, green or chocolate. And if you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen a decent number […]

90 days without alcohol

By Christina McGrath|May 7, 2015

Not that I am a big drinker, but I do like white wine and bubbles socially – just out and about, with my boyfriend for happy hour, or by the beach with friends.  A few good friends have done “the cleanse” and some are actually are well onto 6 months or longer […]

Bali Bliss, Tips on how to be prepared

By Christina McGrath|April 16, 2015

I’m a traveler, a dreamer and I love to be prepared. For the last 7 years, I have “lived” in Costa Rica twice, visited Bali 4 times, and worked in New Zealand off and on until now.  I have lived an endless winter and then flipped it to an endless summer! I […]

Benefits of Essential Oils!

By Christina McGrath|April 9, 2015

Supercharged, Energetic, Full of Life, Well Rested? Would you like to have more energy, to look younger, to feel amazing, have glowing skin, and recover faster from your work and your workouts? Read on if you want to know my secrets! XO Here are my TOP 8 TIPS and Reasons […]

Feed your passion for adventure

By Christina McGrath|April 2, 2015

Be inspired and go for it! I recently went to an transformational event called Inspire and IGNITE with Catherine Newton, superstar business coach, in Auckland, NZ. In this course, we discussed – what we all know in the back of our mind – the only thing holding you back from greatness is us.  I […]

RAW Chocolate RECIPE

By Christina McGrath|March 27, 2015

Here it is!!!  When I lived in Costa – I lived on coffee and bananas, but now it’s cacao powder and chai lattes! I love and embrace change – changing diet or trying something new, going to different countries or simply different parks for adventure, experimenting with new and different sports too – and you […]

7 Reasons to LOVE Paddle Board Yoga

By Christina McGrath|March 11, 2015

What is the story with Paddle board Yoga? I had my doubts. Can you really combine a sport, a board and yoga? I can only speak from experience, but YES YOU CAN! I love SUP ( Stand Up Paddle boarding) yoga and SUP and here are my top seven reasons (the benefits).

Why Cleanse?

By Christina McGrath|March 4, 2015

Many people agree that every season is a great time for a cleanse, but why should you consider a cleanse? Shouldn’t our bodies do the dirty work for us every day?

Define your passion, solidify your skill set

By Christina McGrath|March 1, 2015

My passion is health, natural healthy living and coaching people, now how to amazing make money doing it is the question! THIS 15 day challenge put the goals and guidelines in place for a structured plan for freedom, love and money. Kaboom!