Yoga at the Estuary

By Christina McGrath|May 8, 2013

Beautiful day, beautiful ladies, beautiful practice.  Don’t underestimate your practice outside, it brings an element of  playfulness. We always have a great class at the estuary, and reflect on how lucky we are to be able to practice in such an amazing place.  Look for more estuary classes next summer […]

Nourish: Mind and Body Yoga Workshop

By Christina McGrath|April 6, 2013

A day of yoga for your health and your soul : ) Starting with a beautiful morning vinyasa flow, filled with energetic music, flowing movement, epic hip openers and graceful sun salutations the girls of Whangamata were simply nourishing their body and mind.  I felt honored to lead such an […]

Smoothie or juice it up in the am

By Christina McGrath|March 30, 2013

Power yourself with a nutritious and delicious smoothie and feel the difference all day. The words of my lovely friend and mentor Juli (of Meta Yoga Breck) always ring true to me when I blend up a delicious smoothie in the am…. One day I rode my bike up to […]

Delicious foods for keeping a healthy heart!

By Christina McGrath|March 30, 2013

Reduce cholesterol and keep your ticker happy by introducing these delicious foods into your diet now!  These are just a few I integrate into my diet and I love them…. 1. Apples, have polyphenols, which shield cholesterol from free-radical assaults. These amazing fruits contain pectin, which blocks absorption of cholesterol, and […]

Perfect definition of an asana

By Christina McGrath|March 27, 2013

What is an asana?   As B.K.S. Iyengar put it beautifully in his book Yoga – The Path to Holistic Health an asana is an integration of the body and the spirit.  ” An asana is not a posture that you assume mechanically.  It involves a thoughtful process at the […]

Be kind to your hamstrings : )

By Christina McGrath|March 23, 2013

Here are some great stretches for those hammies and some tips to stretch them with care! It is important to remember that the hamstring group is composed of 3 muscles at the back of the thigh –  the semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and biceps femoris. These muscles can become tight in many […]

April 6, 2013 Yoga Workshop

By Christina McGrath|March 17, 2013

Join us for a day of yoga for your health and your soul! Saturday April 6, 2013 at Whangamata Memorial Hall 10 am Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga 11:30 Super Healthy Light Lunch 12:30 Workshop: Learn poses which will rejuvenate your body and heal certain ailments.  This will give you a […]

Why headstands are cool.

By Christina McGrath|March 17, 2013

Why we should do headstands for a few minutes everyday, or at least in every yoga practice! 1. Relieves spinal pain, and maintains good posture. 2. Bats, yes, bats!  They traditionally spend time upside down have never developed osteoarthritis.  Strengthens bones and ligaments, which hold the bones together. 3. Improves […]

Breck Epic

By Christina McGrath|August 13, 2012

 Breckenridge Epic Mountain Biking Stage Race – Massage and then race on! So I love working on athletes and this week is the best.  Breckenridge Epic, a 6 stage mountain bike race with a ton of single track has started and world class cyclists and rippers from all over […]