Paddle board Yoga on Lake Wanaka

Paddle board Yoga on Lake Wanaka




Let the games begin!!!

What do you do with a calm clear crisp morning, a lake, some of the fittest girls in Wanaka, 15 paddle boards, a dog and two yoga instructors?

My boyfriend answers the question a little differently, no not a kissing contest… but paddle board yoga!

Leading the group through a series of flowing movements beached on the board to get warmed up, we soon push off to change our perspective. As we balance and challenge our mind and our bodies thru some easy movements, we transition powerfully into some more advanced asanas with strength and poise.  Then rounding up with some fun playful and strong planks in between the boards we challenge and learn to trust new friends.  But, of course, the most important and quintessential pose of yoga, savasana leaves us floating on our boards and drawing spectators.

Great success and new friends, come join us during the summer on Tuesday and Thursdays starting 7:15 – 8:30…  with Wanaka SUP and kayak!!!!