Overtraining and why it sucks.

Overtraining and why it sucks.

So I'm out for my run today with my fast friend Hayley.  I've been closet training a little everyday since she went on a party girls weekend to Sydney.  I've been good, eating well and running a little since she left and she did no training for 3 days.

SHE killed it. SHE was faster, feeling great, and full of energy and I was actually struggling. WHY?  She let her body and mind rest and rebuild. She gained muscle strength.  Did you know that most of your gains actually come from your days off the trail?  It's your time to eat protein, do some yoga and rest. One to two days a week off is best when training for any kind of event.  AND take that last week to taper and keep your body flexible and fueled for your race. I am in a social race on Saturday so today is my last day for miles. I may check out the bike course tomorrow, but off the legs and lungs for all of Thursday and Friday.

All too often as athletes or fitness peeps we want to do a little every day - but that is not where the results lie.  It's the rest that's the important part! So train hard, but rest as well.  Build rest into your schedule and you will feel confident, stronger, committed, and ready for race day. It will also help you steer clear on injuries too.

So the moral of the story is not to go on a party weekend to run faster- BUT to actually take time to rest, restore and refuel.

Happy training and Happy resting!

XO Yoga for Runners videos coming soon... XO