Motive Me – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Motive Me – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Inspiration, Courage, Community, Love, Passion, Friendship.  As Makaia talks to me about her dream: ” I just want to see that sparkle in their eyes.”  I know what she means as soon as the girls start to get into the yoga flow with courage, grace and an outgoing attitude.

What an April!!!!!  I had the amazing pleasure of sharing my April with Makaia Carr and her Motivate Me crew.  It started as an idea of a healthy workshop tour to bring some awareness to yoga, nutrition and natural health care to a already fit happy healthy community and it was more than I could have ever hoped for!  Not only was everyone open and motivated, but up for any of the challenges I pieced together!  Take one step and a time and look what you can accomplish : )

Handstands and Partner Yoga was a huge hit and expectations were exceeded. The bliss balls were also a great complement to a 2 hour yoga session, and the green smoothies hit the spot but for some needed just a little more sweetness…  To add the sweet just throw in some dates, bananas or honey : )

Tips and challenges and take homes…

Take care of your spine with 3 sun salutations, cat and cow, and a pigeon pose for your hips – especially if you are a runner! Start gradually with yoga classes a few times a week, Vinyasa Flow is the one I teach, and yin is a slower one that can complement your fitness goals as well and steer you clear of injury and reduce stress.

Superfoods short and sweet –

Cacao, an excellent source of Magnesium, antioxidants, and energy, add to green smoothies for sweetness and energy.  Remember to use coconut water for electrolytes and acts as a great foundation for your smoothies. Maca is a has a malty nutty flavour and can help regulate hormones, take with care and only start with a teaspoon a day. Add Chia seeds to everything, from puddings, granola, salads, smoothies they boost energy, are rich in omega 3s, good for bones, stabilize blood sugar, aid in digestion, and can help lower cholesterol. 

And last but not least healthy habits with natural health care! doTerra LOVE 
yep there’s an oil for that! Lavender for sleep and bug bites, peppermint for headaches and digestion, lemon for detox and cleansing, and deep blue for all your muscle pains!  Reference Makaia’s site to buy oils retail or buy a kit and have her set you up with a wholesale account!

Love to all the team who made the tour possible, and I absolutely adored and am honoured to have been a part of such an awesome group!  THANKS TO MAKAIA AND SHRILEY, for making it all possible.

BALI 2015, who’s in!!!!!  Until next session, we will keep you updated for the next NZ sessions of yoga love.