Kombucha’s Redheaded Step Cousin

Kombucha’s Redheaded Step Cousin

Many people are familiar with kombucha while few people have heard of kefir water. Kefir water is a naturally fermented beverage, teeming with beneficial probiotic bacteria in the form of Lactobacillus acidophilus and many other strains that help promote a healthy digestive system.

“Do not dismiss kefir water because it contains sugars, and may be high in sugars. It contains and promotes bacteria that eat sugars, and therefore need to live in a sugar medium. Kefir water heals candida and is suitable for diabetics in small quantities provided they monitor their blood sugar levels. The numerous benefits of kefir water are too large to ignore. Kefir water is completely different to kombucha, with different bacteria and yeasts, different nutrients, different therapeutic benefits and a totally different flavor. You can’t compare or replace one with the other.” –Kefir Life


kefir-grains-krishna-ghoraiKefir means “feel good” in Turkish and the grains are fabled to be a gift from God. When placed in a sugary liquid the grains consume the sugars, ferment the liquid, and the grains multiply in quantity. After multiple batches, this gift from God can become a gift from you to a friend!

Kefir water is especially easy to make. Add some sugary substance of your choice (I’ve been using coconut nectar) to water, then add the kefir grains and cover with a muslin cloth. Let the substance ferment for 24-72 hours. Once the initial fermentation is done to your liking strain out the kefir grains, setting them aside for your next batch. You can now add some flavor to your stained kefir water or keep it natural for a second fermentation. It’s just that easy.

Probably the hardest part is finding the grains. I got mine from KefirLife’s store front on Amazon. Or if your in the Summit County, Colorado area, let me know. I would be delighted to give you some of my kefir spawn. They are growing out of control!