66 Days Make a Habit

66 Days Make a Habit

IF you had 66 days to change one thing in yourself to have a more awesome life…. what would it be?  Would you run faster, jump higher, mediate, be early, hug more, drink 3 litres of water a day?

Funny – I am in a few challenges the include that amount of time and more. My first challenge (to myself) was to give up alcohol AND drink 3 litres of water a day for 90 days – starting Jan 25. I’m currently on day 24 and it’s a-ok. It has proven to be harder to drink the water than it was to give up the bubbles. So I’m figuring to let go of a habit is probably not going to be as hard as learning how to pick up a better one.

I also just started a program called TERRA fit, that is a 90 day program to be fit by charting and being accountable for your healthy and unhealthy actions.  Needless to say when it comes to health objectives, these are easy habits for me to create- because it’s my passion, my love, my JOB.

Sixty some days IS NOTHING to change a habit – and this time I am going to really make myself work for it. LITERALLY.

On Yesterday’s Blog challenge I wrote how I go for one task to another without finishing it completely.  I am the classic example of “look something shiny!”  So I will give up that habit tomorrow and start a new one.

Here’s the plan…

Once I start a small project I will finish it to completion before I move onto a new one.  Projects like making dinner, doing washing, finishing a post will be done to completion before moving onto another short project.

LONGER business related projects will have to do lists, and chunks of 25 minutes will be fully allocated to one project before moving on to another. THIS means that there is no jumping from project to project within the 25 minute period. Period.

That is my start, I will hold myself accountable by keeping track of the time when starting.  A 5 minute rest, walk, tea, snack will be allowed before heading into another event. I will think of it as my business marathon, and I will pace myself accordingly!

What’s your holding you back and how can you break free of a bad habit in 66 days?

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See you on the flip side!