How to activate your deep core to stay strong in your sport.

How to activate your deep core to stay strong in your sport.

Let's talk about injury - no let's not. Let's talk about how to stay strong in your back. Recently I have been doing a lot of yoga videos to enhance running, riding, snowboarding, and skiing. With all of these sports and many more CORE is a huge component of efficiency and balance not to mention a precursor to avoiding injury. In each of my video for athlete sequences I integrate a 20-30 minute core component - it's that important!

Let's cut to the chase - there is a ton of info on what to do and what not to do but the fact of the matter is that while the "6 pack muscles" look awesome on the beach the transverse abdominas muscles are the deep core muscles that support the back and spine. These muscles are extremely important to keep the lower back stable and strong. And with everything you can over do it and cause more harm than good but here are some tips to be effective with your core workout.

1. Lie on your back, bend your knees to the sky, have your heels about 6 inches away from your buttocks, feet on the floor. Now feel the natural curve in your back, press your back into the ground and feel the sides of your waist cinch in and firm up. Release to your natural curve, repeat up to 20 times. Rest and do another 20. That will help you train your TvA.

2. Stand tall - place your hands on the sides of your body just at your waist with your middle finger tip pointing into your belly button. Engage just the sides of your body and breathe deeply. Do this a few times. Now engage the TvA to 100%, release, then to 20% - you should be able to hold the 20% all day to maintain a good posture.

3. Plank it up. Come into plank position and cinch in the sides of your waist. Hold for 30 - 60 sec ( make sure your belly doesn't bulge out). Train yourself to breathe in plank by engaging the TvA.

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Here's the low down on my "power of 5" for your active lifestyle:

  • Pre sport - dynamic flow and movement yoga to get you prepped and your joints ready to go.
  • Post sport - a session to balance overused muscles and keep over all mobility in your spine and body
  • Recovery yoga - a yoga practice for your day off specifically designed to help your body restore and reboot
  • Core work - strong core = strong back, create stablity in your sport, stride, and stroke
  • Strength yoga session - use this session to create strength in the muscles that you utilize for performance

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You are training for a run, tri or cycle race and want to complement your training with some all over body stretches.

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You are inflexible.

You want to increase performance and balance your body to reduce the risk of injury.

Videos benefits include:

Increased energy, eased back pain, better posture in sports and life, increased strength and flexibility, sound sleep, lower stress levels, and increased productivity - what are you waiting for...

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