Hit the road running

Hit the road running

Early mindful mediation, yoga and a super green smoothie gets me ready and focused for the day.  Then work whether massage, yoga classes, workshops or networking I’m all set with a to do list and a schedule.  THEN –  it hits. I click on something that seems interesting on FB, which I say I will only be on for “research” and it’s all over.  I find myself in the kitchen making the new clean lean mean recipe of the day or ordering the new tea of the month.

So if you are like me and love love love to research all the new health, wellness, fitness tips trends and fashions give yourself a TIME to do this – SO you stay on task.  Yes, you can validate it all you like but it can keep you from getting YOUR message out as well – LET’s get into the game and be more productive!

Here’s my advice!

1. Set up a time to check your email. I like 9 am, that way I am ready to give an hour to answer.  Then I set a time late afternoon 4:30 or 5 as well. That’s all or it’s easy to be checking all day long.

2. Set up your Facebook posts when you are most productive, make an actual time in your schedule to do this!  Set times where your posts will receive the most action and go on Hootsuite to schedule all your posts for the next day.  If this is imperative to your business and you are too busy, hire a Virtual Assistant to help.

3. Last but not least, if research and up to date info is distracting BUT important – schedule a time to do this. I give myself an hour at night to go over new recipes, yoga inspiration, performance tips and catch up on what is going on in my industry.  It keeps me happy and ready for all the questions clients have and are also reading about : )

Hope these few simple tips will keep you connected with up to date info and social media, without compromising productivity. Happy Tweeting!

Look to me for your wellness, yoga and adventure retreats and workshops. I can give you all the latest and greatest in the world of wellness – Hope you will join me! Naturally out of pain and into bliss – empowering you to create healthy habits for life.