Are You Getting What You Want?

Are You Getting What You Want?

Are You Getting What You Want? If you are reading this there is a possibility you are not or are wondering if you could get a little more of that one thing. Even with all that positive intention setting, new resolutions and goal setting you did to ring in the new year, you may still find yourself getting the same old results. Here are a few quick tips to finally getting what you want. It ain’t easy or for the meek. Read on if you dare.

  1. Stop Thinking That Others Are So Different Than You Are – Do you find yourself looking at what everyone else has that you don’t? Thinking this way makes you think that everyone else is better at something than you are. When in reality, if somebody is getting better results than you, it is because they are doing something different than you. If you can find out what, and do it to the same standard or better, you will experience the same results.
  2. STOP ATTRACTING What You DON’T Want – One of my friends said it best. “Just because it always was, doesn’t mean it has to always be”… leave your fricken’ “genes” behind and reinvent the way you do things. You don’t have to be just like anyone or even your old self. Rule out what you don’t want and that is that. Create a filter and make every decision based on that.
  3. Accept Responsibility – It is no one else’s fault you haven’t succeeded it. It is fun to sit back and dream about the life you want, but until you get up off the couch and TAKE ACTION, there won’t be any results. Immediate ACTION = Immediate RESULTS.
  4. Be Grateful -Let’s be honest, no one wants to help someone who doesn’t ever show any gratitude. Being all work and no gratitude makes for long day by yourself. Show gratitude often to others and you will get more of what you need to get to your final goals.
  5. Get Focused For REAL This Time –  this is the NUMBER 1 limiting factor between people who ACHIEVE their goals and those who do not. If you are easily distracted, guess what you need to work harder at staying focused. If you easily get bored or swayed into more exciting immediate gratification projects…guess what…. well, you know where I am heading with this. If you have a big goal, the next step is an action plan with smaller steps.

If you are unclear about what you really want or why you are consistently back at the same starting point… reach out. I can help!!


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