From NYC to NC THE Best Yoga Studios

From NYC to NC THE Best Yoga Studios

I have found to maintain my health and my sanity while traveling I love to venture into other yoga classes.  Here are a few of my tips to finding a studio for you on the road.

1. Go with something that inspires you! Something you have not done before, something you’ve wanted to try, or something you have heard about.  You are already stepping out of you comfort zone on the road so explore it in your practice too!

2. Once you like a studio, go to it a few times.  I love making a connection at  a studio, going to a few classes by different teachers and you start to become familiar and even part of the community.

3. New studios sometimes have first time or new to the studio rates, in NYC a lot of yoga spaces have specials to try their classes.  For example: EXHALE has week of transformation for $40 all week unlimited classes – I explored Core Barre and Yoga classes at my leisure and it was awesome!

4. Talk to the teachers, find out their story and who they recommend in town too.  I loved Chris Kroll and Stacey’s classes at South Hills Yoga in Pittsburg, PA and I asked about other events and who they love to practice with.  I found out Stacey does this awesome Om’s in the outfield in September which is a yoga class before the Pirates game.  Super fun event that I may even come back for!

5. Be yourself, in any new place it will be hit or miss so if you have connections ask what your friends, Facebook friends, or locals recommend.  When in doubt, look at the websites and see what you are attracted to.

What I love about yoga is that there is usually a community that you can connect with just about anywhere.  It makes me feel a little more at home and welcome in a new space.  And of course, yoga is essential for sanity on the road.  It personally grounds me and allows me to see what happens in the local world.  I always introduce and thank the teacher sending out a little love to everyone in the class as well. And of course if you don’t gel with the class you can always learn something, find out what to look for next time and how to find the spaces that groove with you.

Happy traveling!!!

BEST studios I have found:

South Hills Power Yoga – Chris Kroll and Stacey

Exhale in NYC with Issac

Sonic Yoga in NYC with Isabel and Lisa

Duck Village Yoga in NC with Jessica and Katie