Freedom to Travel or Settle Down?

Freedom to Travel or Settle Down?

Freedom. TRAVEL! Adventure. HOME! Beauty. LOVE! Passion.COMMUNITY! 

If you could plan your perfect day, I bet a lot of you would choose to get outside and do something fun.  Maybe you like to travel sometimes and put in the work hours when the biking, snow or surf isn’t amazing.  Sound like a plan! I know that is it possible and I am in it to win it.

Yes, I’m in so now what? That is the big question, do you have a job that you can do remotely or have a residual income source?  In the past year, I have found that yes – you can have both and I am going to share with you my plan as a health and wellness coach and entrepreneur.

ONE is about Action INCOME and TWO is Residual INCOME.

Let’s talk about a business plan that can let you have both – an amazing place to call home (most of the time) with the ability travel.  When I say the ability to travel, I mean either traveling and earning money or having a residual income stream coming in while you are on the road. Target what are your passions and find a happy balance between the action income and the residual income.


The things in my life that have shifted me to moving around a lot have made me stronger and also more agile in business.  Everywhere I go I seek out people like me and in the health field, and I develop relationships. I love to work with people and partnerships but working for some bigger company ( unless it is a ski area) is not in the cards anymore.  I love my freedom and I love to work in coordination with others in business and in coaching.  My passion is also teaching, I love to share my knowledge however sometimes I give away too much for free. I believe that is because I have not had a solid program before to combine all my knowledge and a program that is easily accessible from anywhere.


So here’s my plan for financial wellness, love to hear what you have done and your success too!

On line Programs and Webinars:


Essential Oil Workshops for Business Building and Education – 2 a month – Free for everyone.

Educational Blogs for yoga, oils and food for athletes – the active outdoors person!

Free workshops for Lululemon and other businesses to reach great people and foster relationships.


Residual Income with doTERRA essential oils – Build an amazing team of wellness experts (with Hayley Hobson) to help me promote, give classes and share the love online or in person. I will also be including the products in all of my ventures, because they work and are amazing.

I am launching a clean eating program for 14 days including a doTERRA option. This will be online and set up to run with outreach on FB.

NEW program incorporating all athletic performance ideas in my arsenal to help people live stronger and healthier with yoga, clean eating and natural solutions. Group Program with Google Hangouts and One on one sessions. The 14 day clean eating program will be included in this program.

Active income revenue streams:

Massage – Private and recommendation only.

Yoga classes and privates.

Weekend Retreats in NZ – Whangamata, Wanaka, Waiheke Island and by request. Corporate wellness workshops available.

Bali Retreats only by request in June and July.

It’s an evolution. However, I realise that in the next blog we are set to focus on one thing – the one thing that drives our work and our lives. I have to say mine would be helping people live without injury and with INTENSE vitality – all naturally.

HEALTH and VITALITY is true wealth. That is my passion and my love and I am on the path to share my knowledge and experience with everyone!

Helping you to be… Fit for Life – naturally!