Feed yourself with the right fuel

Feed yourself with the right fuel

Are you ready?  Do you have energy or need energy to do everything you want to do?

Here are my simple tips to live a vital life – And live ENERGY RICH:

1. Eat tons of colour, fruits (2) and veggies (5+).  Add colour to you life, and say no to beige!

2. Break a Sweat at least once a day.

3. Get out into nature.  Even if it’s on your deck, get some Vitamin D!

4. Learn one new thing a day – Read, listen, do, eat ONE new “thing” a day.

5. Mediate/Yoga – 10 minutes at least – or go for gold!

Then if you want to get more into your specific goals – think of it as your path and answer these questions:

1. What is the one thing I am going to add into my life to keep me my mind active, learning and energetic?

2. What are my goals for exercise?

3. How can I set these habits into motion, and incorporate into my daily life?

4. When can I do this to make these habits and make them stick?

5. REMEMBER this is your life, you are the one living it.  So make it awesome – every. single. day.

Fit for life.