First Headstand in Whangamata!

First Headstand in Whangamata!

Do you remember your first headstand?  Chances are you do and even remember the teacher that believed in you to accomplish such a feat!  Go Shirley go!!! It was so inspiring to practice with such amazing, open, focused and strong group of individuals over the holiday season. And practice we did – almost everyday, outside, enjoying the dogs walking by, wind in the hair and sometimes a little too much sun!

Here are some tips for my inversion of choice, also look back to my benefits of headstands post!

1. It’s all in the balance.  Using the correct amount of weight on each of the forearms and then the top of the head is key. You move your shoulders away from your ears creating space – there will be no weight on your head at all.

2. It’s about belief.  Believe it’s too hard for you, it will be.  Having a teacher that believes and coaches makes all the difference.

3. Break it into steps. -First, go to the forearms from downward dog. Then start to strengthen the shoulders and make that space between shoulders and ears. Next move feet closer and closer to your elbows and feel your hips come in line with the head…lift one toe off the ground effortlessly!

4. Core, core, core and feel that strength come from the centre. Lift both feet or just one at a time and draw everything up, up and up!  I often put my fist in between the calves and have people squeeze, drawing all energy to midline and up.

5. Steady mind, calm breath… and hold : )

6. Practice with coaching, then against a wall and then in no time you will be in the middle of the room balancing effortlessly.

Happy Headstands!