Why to Never Judge a Book by the COVER :)

Why to Never Judge a Book by the COVER :)

I’ve been traveling A LOT.  I know some of you are the same way, and coming home is always good.  Recently, I traveled home after a few years to see my folks and share my passion of health with my friend and family in the States.  It was great, but for one thing.  The more you ask the more you know.  Sounds silly but very accurate!

As my mom gets everything ready and hosts my “welcome back party”  she attends to all the needs of my whole extended family and friends. At the end of it all I see her not moving very well. She’s always been great, I thought, but I had also been gone for a while…

“So what’s up, mom? Something hurt?”  She responds with the medications she has to take to alleviate the chronic pain she has in her joints and hips due to arthritis and sleep is not so great. “WHAT!” So I am traveling around the world helping other people’s moms and families  and I have only given my mom the tools but not the resources to help her out.

Wow – that was eye opening. YOU and others can only do so much with Essential Oils if you have limited knowledge on how to use them.  That is why I started on this journey a year ago with Essential Oils, and much longer with yoga and healthy living.  EDUCATION is the key, I love my oils but I have spent the last year experimenting, learning, using, sharing and replacing all of my medicines with them. I know how and why to use them. My goal has been education but apparently it got lost with my family, and I am changing that now : )

SO ASAP, we got her oils out and started to play.  She is now using lavender and frankincense with epson salts in the bath for sleep, deep blue on her hip for arthritis, and rosemary for any joint pain or inflammation.  I also left her Modern Essential – THE book for essential oils and protocols and gave her www.neweverythingessential.me website for a reference.  I also kitted out my aunts, uncles, sister, brothers, nieces and nephews with the goodies – I have never felt more connected or helpful to my family!  They were all open, loving, and receptive to my little oil event and it was more amazing than I could have hoped.  I listened, felt connected, and will also feel remembered when they use the oil and products.  I love it.

As for my sisters kids, we played with downward dog and handstands in the living room, I gave foot massages with breathe and lavender before bed.  Reagan, Margie’s 5 year old, has been having trouble breathing and not sleeping because of it.  That next morning she came up to me and said she “slept good.” I about cried. We also used it on her at her soccer game, and I am pretty sure that is why she scored so many goals : ) Joseph also started to ask for the “lavender essential oil” on his bug bites so they don’t itch – he even did this when I left!  He’s 3… yep more tears from me.

It was awesome to see my family and share my passion and knowledge to help them. So what’s your story, have you shared health tips with your family, do you want natural alternatives, do you love healthy living with oils or yoga? I am inspired to teach you and your family what I know and give you the gift of connection in another way.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays everyone! Give the gift of love this season with essential oils. You will be astounded at the response, I was! And yep, you guessed what Santa’s bringing this year ; )