Expansion vs. Survival – Where are You?

Expansion vs. Survival – Where are You?

Everyday we are faced with choices. Choices that can easily be summarized into two categories. EXPANSION OR SURVIVAL. This is true in all facets of our personal lives, business, networking, family and beyond. Ultimately if we choose survival we stay exactly where we are, limiting our potential until we choose differently. I work with people on how to help shift your decision-making into choosing EXPANSION over the self-limiting aspect of survival. Here are a few tips I have found to help you create more expansion in your life.

1. Ask Why. Why are you doing it or anything for that matter! Why are you meeting with that person for the 15th time to go over the same thing again and again. Is this behavior limiting or empowering?

2. Create a YES filter. Ultimately your goals are only achieved by you focusing on them. If you are too easily distracted, create a way to say NO to the things that lead to survival and YES to the things that create this growth and expansion in your life.

3. Demand Expansion. Then number one limiting factor to your success is you. Don’t allow yourself to get in the away of potential with limiting beliefs. This means you, and everyone around you. Sometimes this is the hardest but most necessary change.

4. Ask for Help. Set your intention and make it known. The hardest thing for most entrepreneurs is accountability. Make yourself accountable to someone other than yourself.

The more you get into this pattern of thinking, doing and assessing how you spend your time, the closer you will become to expanding into the places, people and things you were meant for. For more information on creating a “yes” filter or any other business coaching help, contact Juli @ julirathke.com