Tricks for Sleeping Through the Night

Tricks for Sleeping Through the Night

Many people suffer from conditions that affect their sleep, making them wake up constantly to readjust, go to the restroom, or engage thoughts in their mind. Essential oils can help to sooth the mind and body from sleep disruptive ailments, preparing a person for a productive morning. The next time you crawl under the covers, try one or more of these essential oils:

Breathe Essential Oil Blend – Diffuse this respiratory blend on your nightstand to aid with any congestion or sleep apnea.

DigestZen Essential Oil Blend – Your gut is the root of all unrest. Rub a few drops of this digestive blend on your stomach.

Frankincense Essential Oil – Autism can make it difficult to fall asleep. To help, rub a few drops of this oil on the back of the neck and behind the ears.

Lavender Essential Oil – Rub this oil along the jawline to reduce grinding of teeth, on the legs to reduce restless leg syndrome or on areas of musculoskeletal pain.

OnGuard Essential Oil Blend – Rubbing a couple of drops of this protective blend on the soles of your feet could help with chronic and mental fatigue.

Peppermint Essential Oil – A few drops underneath the tongue could aid with narcolepsy.

Wild Orange Essential Oil – When diffused this oil can help calm insomnia.

Vetiver Essential Oil – An ADHD mind can have a difficult time settling at night. Rest the mind by rubbing a couple drops of this oil on the soles of the feet.

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